ICYMI: Samsung points to safety concerns regarding lithium batteries

This week, Samsung issued a detailed report regarding the issues associated with the lithium batteries for the Galaxy Note 7, the company’s smartphone that was recalled and ultimately canceled last year. The report came after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently banned passengers from carrying the phones on U.S. flights because of the dangers associated with overheating.

Lithium batteries are more volatile than many goods currently shipped as hazmat; they can self-ignite when damaged, defective, or exposed to a heat source. They also burn incredibly hot, and FAA testing has shown that fires involving certain types of lithium batteries are unresponsive to halon, the traditional extinguishing agent used aboard aircraft.

ALPA has been a fierce advocate for the safe transport of lithium batteries, raising awareness and working with the international community to enact regulations and enforce standards in order to safeguard aviation.

Read more on ALPA’s ongoing efforts to ensure that lithium batteries can be shipped safely on both passenger and all-cargo aircraft. 

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