Hawaiian Management Fails to Reach Deal with Pilots; Future Travel Plans Could Be At Risk

Pilots at Hawaiian Airlines issued a warning to future passengers, including those from Japan, that upcoming travel could be at risk if pilots are forced into a lawful strike.

After the last round of mediated negotiations ended on November 19 without a tentative agreement, the National Mediation Board (NMB) advised ALPA and management that it will not schedule any future mediation sessions, and will instead move forward with the actions available under the Railway Labor Act to bring negotiations to a close.

Over the last five years, Hawaiian Airlines stock has soared over 500 percent while pilots have been operating under a pay scale that remains 45 percent lower than peers at Delta, United, and other U.S. carriers. After 15 months of negotiations, management continues to argue that Hawaiian pilots should work for less than their professional colleagues or “buy” industry pay rates by generating offsets to fund those increases.

Despite risking the airline’s 2017 financial plans and projections, as well as its long-term future, and denying the reality of the commercial marketplace, the CEO steadfastly refuses to negotiate reasonable pay rates for the Hawaiian pilots.

Pilots have played a major role in making Hawaiian Airlines the industry leader in on-time performance for the past 12 years. Their dedication and professional contributions have been instrumental in paving the way for massive profits and stronger than ever finances. Hawaiian pilots remain resolute in achieving the market-rate contract they have earned and deserve.

Hawaiian Airlines pilots do not want to strike, but are prepared to do so if the company refuses to provide a fair contract. ALPA wishes to warn those traveling on Hawaiian Airlines about possible disruptions to travel plans and will post updates as they become available. For more information, please visit halpilotcontract.com.

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