The Pilots of ALPA

ALPA is the largest nongovernmental aviation safety organization in the world. Our union has worked tirelessly to always put safety first. And since our inception in 1931, the cornerstone of our organization has been, and will continue to be, advancing the lives and professions of ALPA’s pilots.

Our commitment is stated in the first objective in ALPA’s Constitution—“to provide representation for all members of the airline piloting profession; to promote the interests of that profession; and to safeguard the rights, individually and collectively, of its members.” 

Thirty pilot groups across the United States and Canada currently demonstrate the broad dimension of our union in virtually every aspect of commercial aviation. While every group’s leaders make their own decisions about their negotiation’s course and content, every pilot group also receives the kind of extraordinary support, knowledge, and expertise only our union can offer. 

ALPA members span the spectrum of the North American airline industry. Whether they fly for a mainline or regional carrier, ALPA pilots carry passengers and cargo, fly long- and short-haul routes, and take off and land at airports serving rural communities and major cities. 

This diversity of more than 52,000 members’ experience is our strength. ALPA pilots are the backbone of our union and, for 85 years, they have contributed to making ALPA a trusted and respected voice across the globe. 

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