Vote, Then Fly

By ALPA Staff

Do you plan to vote on November 3? If you’re unsure where you’ll be, will you be requesting a mail ballot or voting early in person? How might COVID-19 disrupt your election day plans? ALPA is here to help ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision on election day.

In the coming months, ALPA will once again launch the Vote, Then Fly website to help pilots, friends, and family ensure that they have real-time voter information on candidates and ballots for November 3. The site will provide up-to-the-minute voter information and updates on presidential and Senate and House candidates on the ballot in each state. State-by-state early/absentee voting information, including deadlines and ballot availability/return information, is available to assist those who plan to vote early or absentee this November.

In addition, Vote, Then Fly identifies the Association’s most supportive champions in Congress. Based on votes, letters, and other public displays of support, ALPA is recognizing its top supporters with the tag “Pilot Partisan” and showcasing the Members of Congress who prioritize the safety and security of the airline industry and the livelihood of pilots and the future of the profession.

Vote, Then Fly doesn’t endorse any candidate. It provides information to pilots and the public on who’s running for election and how to cast a vote. This year the Association is including a new feature. In addition to the election center, the site will include bills and a vote tracker to highlight how individual Members of Congress voted on legislation important to ALPA.

The Association plans to launch the Vote, Then Fly website before the U.S. national conventions. Stay tuned for more information on how and when to access this helpful tool.

This article was originally published in the June 2020 issue of Air Line Pilot.

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