Envoy Air

Envoy Air Master Executive Council officers and Capt. Jason Ambrosi, ALPA’s president, are photographed with Capt. Brandon Hendrickson after receiving his 2022 Superior Airmanship Award at ALPA’s Air Safety Forum awards banquet held last year. Photo: Keith Mellnick

At A Glance

Pilots joined ALPA: 1995 (although Simmons had been an ALPA member since 1986, after the National Mediation Board’s ruling that the four airlines serving American Airlines—Executive, Flagship, Simmons, and Wings West—constituted a single airline, the American Eagle pilots established a single MEC). In 2014, the company name was changed from American Eagle to Envoy Air.

Number of pilots/flightcrew members: 2,137

Pilot bases: Dallas/Fort Worth, Tex.; Chicago, Ill.; Miami, Fla.; and Phoenix, Ariz.

Hubs/key markets: Dallas/Fort Worth, Tex.; Chicago, Ill.; Miami, Fla.; and Phoenix, Ariz.

Headquarters: Irving, Tex.

Operations: Envoy operates more than 700 daily flights to 170 destinations in the U.S., Canada, and Central and South America.

Fleet: 32 E170s, plus 2 on order, and 108 E175s, plus 8 on order

Over the past year, Envoy Air pilot leaders have worked tirelessly to create paths for pilots looking to advance to mainline carriers as well as those who plan to make Envoy a long-term career home. In addition to opening a new base in Phoenix, Ariz., and a companion Local Executive Council, the Master Executive Council (MEC) negotiated a letter of agreement that allows first officers more than 750 hours of captain-qualifying time to earn captain pay through at least the end of 2026. This, in addition to the significant pay increases achieved in 2022, has stemmed some of Envoy’s attrition issues—issues that have affected the fee-for-departure segment of the industry.

Internally, the pilot group implemented a revised DART program that’s improved response time to pilot concerns. In addition, a new Envoy ALPA website has created resources for the pilot group to get questions answered and provide information. The group is also negotiating with management for a preferential bidding system.

“The fee-for-departure industry has specific challenges—from attrition to encouraging volunteers,” said F/O Chase Freeman, the pilots’ MEC chair. “However, Envoy leadership is actively looking for solutions and encouraging our pilots to get involved and create opportunities—no matter how long a pilot is on the property.”

Capt. Jonathan Miranda, the Envoy Master Executive Council secretary-treasurer, helps Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg break ground on a new runway at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in March 2023. Photo: U.S. Department of Transportation