Air Transport International

Air Transport International Pilots
Air Transport International pilots, joined by pilots from several other ALPA pilot groups, hold an informational picket in September 2023 outside parent company Air Transport Services Group’s Investor Day at NASDAQ in Times Square. Photo: Michelle Sierra Laffitte

At A Glance

Pilots joined ALPA: 2009

Number of pilots: 605

Pilot base: Home-based

Primary customers: Amazon and the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command

Headquarters: Wilmington, Ohio

Operations: A subsidiary of Air Transport Services Group, Inc., Air Transport International operates primarily in scheduled operations with Amazon and the Air Mobility Command, as well as occasional air cargo charter operations.

Fleet: 4 B-757-200 combis, 4 B-767-200Fs, and 41 B-767-300Fs

Air Transport International (ATI) pilots have been in negotiations for more than three and half years with a management unwilling to acknowledge the current market value of experienced airline pilots. Management’s failure to deliver a competitive contract has driven the airline’s highly experienced and hardworking pilots out the door at alarming rates. Many of these pilots had intended to spend their careers at ATI but left for other carriers that value and respect their pilot groups.

In November 2023, the pilots held a strike-authorization ballot; 98.6 percent of the pilot group participated in the vote and only one of those pilots voted against the strike. ATI pilots are ready to strike, when legally allowed under the Railway Labor Act, to achieve the competitive contract that will make the airline a career destination once again.

Air Transport International is the largest carrier for Amazon’s Prime Air, operating more aircraft than all other partner airlines combined.