Release #: 17.15
March 29, 2017

ALPA Calls on Administration to Exempt Aviation Safety and Security Regulations from “Two for One” Executive Order

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) president Capt. Tim Canoll today called on President Trump to exempt aviation safety and security regulations from the administration’s “two for one” executive order. In remarks to industry experts at ALPA’s Aviation Security Conference, Capt. Canoll urged the administration to take action by allowing aviation safety and security improvements to continue to advance through the regulatory process.

“When it comes to aviation safety and security, we should never apply a cookie-cutter policy. It’s too risky and it invites trouble,” said Capt. Canoll. “We certainly won’t be able to tolerate necessary regulations being sidelined because of this order. The administration needs to take action now by exempting aviation safety and security rules.”

Today’s conference also featured in-depth discussions by aviation stakeholders on emerging issues and collaborative ways to advance the safety and security of North America’s air transport system.

TSA acting administrator Dr. Huban A. Gowadia, National Counterterrorism Center Deputy Director John Mulligan, and chair of the Transportation Security subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee Congressman John Katko joined ALPA leaders, experienced pilots, and other industry experts for discussions on the numerous, ongoing efforts to secure our skies.

Panel discussions focused on important issues facing aviation security today:

  • Identifying concerns regarding the increase of unmanned aircraft systems in the national airspace and emerging detection and mitigation efforts;
  • Evaluating security threats facing all-cargo operations and what can be done to ensure that gaps in cargo operations are identified and mitigated as quickly as possible;
  • The importance and future of the Federal Flight Deck Officer program; and
  • Cybersecurity policies, procedures, and risk mitigations that are needed to ensure aircraft do not become the victims of cyber-related accidents or incidents.

“Enhancing aviation security is a dynamic process that must be informed by new discoveries, technological improvements, and procedural enhancements—in short, it must embrace constant innovation,” added Canoll.  “We know from history that air transportation plays an integral role in national security. We look forward to working with the Trump administration, and specifically the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, to advance what we believe to be our shared goals of fostering a secure, safe, and efficient air transportation system.”

Aviation Security Conference 2017

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