Keep an Eye on Laser Safety This Season

By. Tim Canoll, ALPA President

Whether received as a holiday gift, used for stargazing on clear winter nights, or featured in festive light displays, lasers have been in the news—and so has ALPA’s plan for safeguarding airline pilots from laser strikes.

ALPA, in partnership with the FAA and FBI, helped launch a laser strike awareness campaign which was rolled out in major cities around the United States last year. Unfortunately, laser strikes on aircraft have continued to increase at record pace. In response to this growing issue, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) recently called on federal agencies to collaborate efforts to put an end to this crime.

In his letter to the FAA, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and Food and Drug Administration (which is responsible for regulating consumer lasers), Senator Blumenthal underscored ALPA’s call for increased focus on education, reporting, law enforcement, and technology in order to protect our air transportation system.

ALPA applauds these collaborative efforts and will continue to work with government and industry stakeholders across North America to raise awareness on this serious issue.

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