We Will Never Forget

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ALPA’s 9/11 remembrance ceremony

September 11, 2012 - ALPA pilot leaders and staff gathered in the beautiful memorial garden to honor the victims of 9/11 and pay tribute to the crew of United Flight 93, United Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 11, and American Airlines Flight 77 on this day—September 11, 2012—the 11th anniversary of the event that forever changed our lives.

“In the wake of that senseless tragedy, we were unified and repulsed by the events that led to the tragic loss of those on the aircraft and those on the ground,” said Capt. Lee Moak, president of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l. “We will, as airline pilots, never again witness a friend, a family member, a fellow crewmember leave us too early in this manner.”

United Capt. Jay Heppner, chairman of the United Master Executive Council, read the names of the flight crews lost that day. “My fellow United pilots—Vic Saracini and Mike Horrocks of Flight 175 and Jason Dahl and LeRoy Homer of Flight 93 were murdered, victims of an attack that challenged our national character and tested our collective mettle,” Capt. Heppner said. “The deaths of these brave pilots, together with those who were in command of American Airlines Flights 11 and 77, serve as reminders that we cannot afford to be complacent or stagnant in the upkeep of our national security.”

“Make no mistake, the fury we felt 11 years ago today has not diminished,” Capt. Moak concluded. “In fact, it is what fuels our resolve to continue to make positive changes in our industry. Our swift reaction and fierce determination defined our profession as the leading advocated for safer skies. And for that, we should be proud.”

United Flight 93:

Captain Jason Dahl
First Officer LeRoy Homer, Jr.
Flight Attendant Lorraine Bay
Flight Attendant Sandra Bradshaw
Flight Attendant Wanda Green
Flight Attendant CeeCee Lyles
Flight Attendant Deborah Welsh

United Flight 175:

Captain Victor Saracini
First Officer Michael Horrocks
Flight Attendant Robert Fangman
Flight Attendant Amy Jarret
Flight Attendant Amy King
Flight Attendant Kathryn Laborie
Flight Attendant Alfred Marchand
Flight Attendant Michael Tarrou
Flight Attendant Alicia Titus
Customer Service Representative Marianne MacFarlane
Customer Service Representative Jesus Sanchez

American Flight 11:

Captain John Ogonowski
First Officer Thomas McGuinness
Flight Attendant Barbara Arestegui
Flight Attendant Jeffrey Collman
Flight Attendant Sara Low
Flight Attendant Karen Martin
Flight Attendant Kathleen Nicosia
Flight Attendant Betty Ong
Flight Attendant Jean Roger
Flight Attendant Dianne Snyder
Flight Attendant Madeline Sweeney

American Flight 77:

Captain Charles Burlingame
First Officer David Charlebois
Flight Attendant Michele Heidenberger
Flight Attendant Jennifer Lewis
Flight Attendant Kenneth Lewis
Flight Attendant Renee May