2012 News

United, Continental Pilots Ratify Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement, 12/15/12, Release #12.UALCAL3

ALPA Welcomes French Court Decision on Concorde Accident, 11/29/12, Release #12.49

Pilots: First Air Should Be Honest About Impact of Job Cuts, 11/21/12, Release #12.FAB

Delta Pilots Union Elects Leadership, 11/15/12, Release #12.DAL3

ALPA to Senate: Fast-Track Huerta Confirmation as FAA Administrator, 11/15/12, Release #12.48

ALPA Supports NTSB’s Annual Most Wanted List and Commends Industry Progress, 11/14/12, Release #12.47

FedEx Pilots’ Union Responds to NTSB’s Most Wanted List, 11/14/12, Release #12.FDX

ALPA Applauds U.S. House Passage of EU ETS Prohibition Act, 11/13/12, Release #12.46

United, Continental MECs Send Tentative Agreement to Pilots for Ratification Vote, 11/12/12, Release #12.UALCAL2

ALPA Voices Approval for Freeze of EU Emissions Trading Scheme, 11/12/12, Release #12.44

ALPA Responds to Recent CTA Decisions on Issues Related to Seasonal Employment of Foreign Pilots, 11/9/12, Release #12.45

ALPA Statement on the New Drama Film “Flight”, 10/31/12, Release #12.43

Known Crewmember: Now in Charlotte, N.C., 10/30/12

ALPA’s 44th BOD Lowers Dues, Concludes Meeting, 10/18/12

ALPA’s Executive Council Elected, Take Office January 1, 2013, 10/17/12

ALPA 44th BOD Meeting Convenes: “Everything Matters”, 10/15/12

American Eagle Pilots Vote to Ratify Restructuring Agreement, 10/8/12, Release #12.EGL2

ALPA Welcomes Back NFL Referees, 9/28/12, Release #12.42

ALPA Hails Senate Vote to Protect U.S. Airlines and Employees from EU’s Emissions Tax Scheme, 9/22/12, Release #12.41

ALPA Targets Safety Threat from Laser Attacks on Aircraft, 9/19/12, Release #12.40

Sun Country Airlines Pilots Conduct Informational Picket at MSP Airport, 9/19/12, Release #12.SCA

PSA Pilots Near Contract Negotiations Endgame, Announce $1 Million Grant for Strategic Preparedness, 9/17/12, Release #12.PSA2

Pinnacle Pilots Respond to Section 1113 Bankruptcy Filing, 9/14/12, Release #12.PCL

We Will Never Forget, 9/11/12

Piedmont Pilots Stridently Support Strike Authorization Vote, 8/10/12, Release #12.PDT

Captain Thomas O’Toole Receives ALPA’s Pilot Assistance Award, 8/9/12, Release #12.36

Capt. Everett Reese Receives ALPA’s Aviation Security Award, 8/9/12, Release #12.35

Capt. William de Groh Receives ALPA’s Air Safety Award, 8/9/12, Release #12.34

ALPA Honors Outstanding Airport Safety Liaisons, 8/9/12, Release #12.37

ALPA Honors Pilots with Prestigious Presidential Citations, 8/9/12, Release #12.38

Delta Air Lines Crew to Receive ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/9/12, Release #12.39

United Airlines Crew to Receive ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/7/12, Release #12.33

ALPA’s 2012 Air Safety Forum Takes on Top Aviation Safety, Security, and Pilot Assistance Issues, 7/30/12

Continental, United Pilots Vote Overwhelmingly to Authorize Strike, 7/17/12, Release #12.UAL-CAL

Enhanced Airline Pilot Security Screening Begins at Four U.S. Airports , 7/17/12

Airlines for America (A4A), Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l Urge Congress to Focus Customs and Immigration Resources on U.S. Gateways, 7/16/12

Delta Pilots Ratify New Contract, 6/29/12, Release #12.DAL

ALPA Urges Lawmakers to Apply FAA Rest Rules to All Airline Pilots, 6/20/12, Release #12.32

ALPA Congratulates NATCA on its 25th Anniversary, 6/19/12, Release #12.31

U.S. Airlines Need a Level Playing Field to Compete Against Foreign Airlines, 6/14/12, Release #12.30

PSA Pilots to Management: A New Contract—Now—Rewards Pilots’ Contributions, Positions Airline for Future Long-Term Success, 6/8/12, Release #12.PSA

EU’s Emissions Scheme Threatens U.S. Airline Industry Jobs, 6/6/12, Release #12.29

Pilots Support Bipartisan Effort to Advance One Level of Safety for Passenger and Cargo Airlines, 6/5/12, Release #12.28

FAA Rest Rules Must Apply to Both Passenger and All-Cargo Pilots, 5/18/12, Release #12.27

ALPA Presses Congress for One Level of Airline Security, 5/16/12, Release #12.26

Pilots Welcome U.S. Senate Passage of Ex-Im Bank Reforms, 5/15/12, Release #12.25

Pilots Respond to Air Transport International and Capital Cargo International Airlines Merger, 5/11/12, Release #12.ATI-CCI

Pilots Applaud Congressional Efforts to Maintain FFDO Funding, 5/9/12, Release #12.24

ALPA Commends U.S. House Passage of Ex-Im Bank Reforms, 5/9/12, Release #12.23

ALPA Echoes European Pilot Leaders’ Call for New EU Fatigue Rules, 5/7/12, Release #12.22

ALPA Hails Agreement on Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization, 5/4/12, Release #12.21

Airline Pilots on U.S. Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization: Key Reforms Vital to Protect U.S. Jobs, 4/26/12, Release #12.20

ALPA to U.S. House Subcommittee: Raise Airline Industry to One Level of Safety, 4/25/12, Release #12.19

Pilots Hail Bill to Advance One Level of Safety for Passenger and Cargo Airlines, 4/17/12, Release #12.18

ALPA Calls for “Closing the Gaps” in Air Cargo Safety and Security, 4/17/12, Release #12.17

Airline Pilots to Senate Banking Committee: Protect Our Jobs in Ex–Im Bank Reauthorization, 4/17/12, Release #12.16

ALPA Urges Senate to Swiftly Confirm Huerta as FAA Administrator, 3/31/12, Release #12.15

Progress Needed to Realize Risk-Based Air Transportation Security, 3/22/12, Release #12.14

American Eagle Pilot Leader Responds to Management Proposal, 3/21/12, Release #12.EGL

U.S. Export–Import Bank Reauthorization Presents Key Opportunity for Reform, 3/20/12, Release #12.13

ALPA Galvanizes Industry Efforts to Combat Pilot Fatigue, 3/20/12, Release #12.12

Congress Must Act to Ensure U.S. Ex–Im Bank Fosters U.S. Economy and Jobs, 3/12/12, Release #12.11

NSF Sleep Study: Still More Reason to Apply Fatigue Rule to Cargo Pilots, 3/6/12, Release #12.10

ALPA Statement on FAA Proposed Rule on Minimum Pilot Qualifications, 2/28/12, Release #12.09

Proposed Budget Cuts Risk FFDOs’ Powerful Contribution to Aviation Security, 2/13/12, Release #12.08

Pilots Hail ICAO Panel Action to Safeguard Lithium Battery Shipments on Aircraft, 2/13/12, Release #12.07

GPS Vital to Aviation Safety, 2/8/12, Release #12.06

FAA Reauthorization Senate Vote a Win for Aviation Safety, 2/6/12, Release #12.05

Statement by Capt. Erik Sparks, Chairman of ALPA’s Ryan International Airline Master Executive Council, 2/2/12, Release #12.RYN

U.S. House Passage of FAA Reauthorization Major Step for U.S. Airline Industry, 2/3/12, Release #12.04

Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Partnership Enhances Air Safety, 2/1/12, Release #12.03

Mesa Air Group Pilots Elect New Leaders, 1/25/12, Release #12.MAG

ALPA Applauds Compromise on FAA Reauthorization, 1/21/12, Release #12.02

ALPA Supports President’s Initiative to Streamline Visa Process, 1/19/12, Release #12.01