2010 News

ALPA, CommutAir Ask Government to Mediate Contract Talks, 12/22/10, Release #10.CMT2

Hawaiian Pilots Spread Cheer to Sick Children Over the Holidays, 12/20/10, Release #10.HAL3

Atlantic Southeast Airlines and ExpressJet Pilots Hold First Joint Meeting, 12/20/10, Release #10.ASAXJT

Pinnacle, Mesaba, Colgan Pilot Negotiators Reach Tentative Agreement with Pinnacle Management, 12/17/10, Release #10.PCL.MSA.CJC

Air Transport International Crewmembers Reach Tentative Contract Agreement with Management, 12/7/10, Release #10.ATI2

Evergreen International Airlines Crewmembers to Vote on Strike Authorization; Pilots Disgruntled by Six Years of Negotiations, 11/24/10, Release #10.EIA5

Continental, United Pilots Stand United Against Outsourcing, 11/22/10, Release #10.UAL-CAL3

ALPA Welcomes New TSA Screening Procedures for Pilots, 11/19/10, Release #10.048

AirTran Airways Pilots Reach New Contract with Management, 11/19/10, Release #10.ATN5

Delta Pilots Union Elects New Leadership, 11/18/10, Release #10.DAL5

ALPA Supports FAA Effort to Update Pilots’ Flight and Duty Regulations, 11/15/10, Release #10.047

US Airways Express Pilots Form Alliance, 11/12/10, Release #10.Alliance

ALPA’s Statement on Enhanced Screening, 11/12/10

Pilots Urge Risk-Based Approach to Air Cargo Security, 11/3/10, Release #10.046

CommutAir Pilots Protest Pay Cut Plan, 10/27/10, Release #10.CMT

Air Wisconsin Pilots Open Contract Negotiations, 10/27/10, Release #10.ARW

ALPA Canada Adamantly Opposes Reported Aviation Security Cuts, 10/21/10, Release #10.044

ALPA Statement on Airline Passenger Security Screening, 10/22/10

AirTran Airways Pilots Reach a Tentative Contract Agreement with Management, 10/21/10

First Air Pilots to Open Negotiations on New Contract, 10/20/10, Release #10.FAB

ALPA Elects Union’s Canada Board Leaders, 10/13/10, Release #10.043

ALPA Elects New National Officer Slate, 10/13/10, Release #10.042

Moak Elected to Head World’s Largest Pilots Union, 10/13/10, Release #10.041

• Air Transat Pilots Reach a Tentative Contract with Management, English | Français, 10/6/10, Release #10.TSC5

Evergreen International Airlines Crewmembers Have No Confidence in Management Team, 10/6/10, Release #10.EIA4

Pilots Gratified as U.S. Senate Confirms Woerth as ICAO Ambassador, 10/1/10, Release #10.040

Statement by Capt. Wendy Morse And Capt. Jay Pierce Regarding the Closing Of the Merger Between United and Continental Airlines, 6/25/10, Release #10.UAL-CAL2

ALPA: FAA Proposal Promises to Combat Pilot Fatigue, 9/16/10, Release #10.039

ALPA Welcomes Long-Awaited FAA Action on Pilot Fatigue, 9/10/10, Release #10.038

Comair Pilot Union Issues Statement on Airline Restructuring Plans, 9/8/10, Release #10.CMR

Atlantic Southeast Airlines Pilots Encouraged by Management Talks with ExpressJet, 9/3/10, Release #10.ASA

• Air Transat Pilots Reach a Tentative Contract with Management, English | Français, 9/3/10, Release #10.TSC4

ExpressJet Pilots See Optimism in Sale/Merger, Cite Job Protection Assurances, 9/3/10, Release #10.XJT2

Executive Board Completes Business, CrewPASS Agreement at Alaska Announced, 9/2/10

ALPA 107th Executive Board Convenes, 9/1/10

Delta Air Lines Flight 253 Pilots to Receive ALPA Award for Valor, 8/31/10, Release #10.037

Continental Crew to Receive ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/31/10, Release #10.036

FedEx Express Captain to Receive ALPA’s Top Security Honor, 8/31/10, Release #10.035

Jazz Air Captain to Receive ALPA’s Top Safety Award, 8/31/10, Release #10.034

American Eagle Pilot to Receive ALPA Pilot Assistance Award, 8/31/10, Release #10.033

Jazz Air Crew to Receive ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/31/10, Release #10.032

American Eagle Pilots Receive ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/31/10, Release #10.031

Atlantic Southeast Airlines Pilots Receive ALPA’s Superior Airmanship Award, 8/31/10, Release #10.030

ALPA Names Chicago O’Hare “Airport of the Year”, 8/31/10, Release #10.029

ALPA Recognizes Pilots with Prestigious Presidential Citation, 8/31/10, Release #10.028

American Eagle Pilot Named ALPA’s Airport Safety Liaison of the Year, 8/31/10, Release #10.027

ALPA Pilots Honored During Annual Awards Dinner, 8/31/10

ALPA’s Air Safety Forum Continues, Honors Line Pilots – Day 2, 8/31/10

ALPA’s 56th Air Safety Forum Opens, 8/30/10

Pilots Committed to Highest Flight Communications Standards, 8/18/10, Release #10.026

Wasaya Pilots and Management Reach Tentative Agreement, 8/17/10, Release #10.WSG

• Air Transat Pilots Overwhelmingly Authorize Union to Call Strike, English | Français, 8/17/10, Release #10.TSC3

Evergreen International Airlines Crewmembers Reject New Deal with Management, 8/16/10, Release #10.EIA3

FedEx Pilots Begin Contract Negotiations with Management, 8/10/10, Release #10.FDX

ExpressJet pilots reviewing proposed sale, merger of airline, 8/4/10, Release #10.XJT

ALPA: Aviation Bill Will Advance Airline Safety, 7/30/10, Release #10.025

Spirit Pilots Approve New Contract, 7/23/10, Release #10.SPA10

ALPA Presents Plan to Revitalize Airline Industry to Aero Club of Washington, 7/19/10

• Conciliation Commissioner to Oversee Air Transat Pilot Negotiations, English | Français, 7/14/10, Release #10.TSC2

Pilots Need Accurate Crosswind Information, 7/14/10, Release #10.024

Capital Cargo Crewmembers Ratify Tentative Contract Agreement, 7/13/10, Release #10.CCI2

• Jazz Pilots Ratify Tentative Labour Agreement, English | Français, 7/9/10, Release #10.JAZ3

ALPA Commends Administration’s Intent to Nominate Woerth as Ambassador to ICAO, 7/2/10, Release #10.023

Pinnacle, Mesaba, and Colgan Pilot Leaders Express Optimism About Pinnacle Purchase of Mesaba, 7/1/10, Release #10.022

Trans States and Compass Pilot Leaders Respond to Announced Sale, 7/1/10, Release #10.021

Continental, United Pilots Encounter Roadblock to Merger, 6/25/10, Release #10.UAL-CAL2

Pilots Hail Confirmation of Pistole to Head TSA, 6/25/10, Release #10.020

ALPA Welcomes FAA Deputy Administrator Confirmation, 6/25/10, Release #10.019

• Jazz Pilots Reach a Deal with Management, English | Français, 6/24/10, Release #10.JAZ3

ALPA Lauds Senate NTSB Confirmations, 6/23/10, Release #10.018

Delta, Air France, KLM CEOs and Pilot Union Leaders Sign Historic Joint Venture Protocol, 6/22/10, Release #10.DAL4

• Air Transat Pilots Announce They Will File for Conciliation, English | Français, 6/21/10, Release #10.017

The Day After the TA, 6/17/10

Spirit Pilots Reach Deal with Management, 6/16/10, Release #10.SPA9

Final Hours of Spirit Pilots’ Strike – Day 5, 6/16/10

Spirit Pilots, Supporters: Exceeding Expectations, 6/15/10

Spirit Pilots’ Strike: Day 3, 6/14/10

Spirit Management Distorts Contract Proposal, 6/14/10, Release #10.SPA8

Spirit Pilots on Strike: Day 2, 6/13/10

Spirit Pilots Stand Strong in Early Hours of Strike, 6/12/10

Spirit Pilots: ON STRIKE, 6/12/10, Release #10.SPA7

Systemwide Solidarity: Walking the Spirit Picket Line, 6/11/10

Spirit Picketers Show Dogged Resolve in Detroit, 6/10/10

Pilots Are Key to a Successful Continental-United Merger, 6/10/10

• ALPA Backs Air Transat Pilots with $1 Million Grant, English | Français, 6/10/10, Release #10.016

More than 150 March in Support of Spirit Pilots, 6/9/10

ALPA Presses Obama: Push FAA Reauthorization, Pilot Fatigue Rule, 6/9/10, Release #10.015

Capital Cargo International Airlines Pilots Welcome Tentative Contract Agreement, 6/9/10, Release #10.CCI

Spirit Pilots Walk the Line at Atlantic City Int’l Airport, 6/8/10

• Jazz Pilots Overwhelmingly Authorize Union to Call Strike, English | Français, 5/27/10, Release #10.JAZ2

Bankruptcy Reform Needed Now, 5/25/10, Release #10.014

Airline Industry Must Continue to Build on Already High Professionalism Standards, 5/20/10, Release #10.013

ALPA Pilots Storm Detroit for Spirit, 5/19/10

ALPA Annual Negotiations Training Seminar Begins Today, 5/18/10

AirTran Pilots Grant Union Authority to Call a Strike, 5/18/10, Release #10.ATN4

Spirit Pilots Warn Passengers to Check the Flight Schedule, 5/18/10, Release #10.SPA4

ALPA Prepared to Highlight Membership’s Safety Contributions to NTSB, 5/14/10

Spirit Pilots Picket as 30-day Cooling-off Period Begins, 5/14/10

ALPA’s McAhron-Schulz Appointed to DOT Future of Aviation Advisory Committee, 5/13/10, Release #10.012

• Jazz Pilots to Vote on Strike Action Authorization to Back Contract Demands, English | Français, 5/13/10, Release #10.JAZ

Spirit Pilots to Management: Fair Contract by June 12—or Strike, 5/12/10, Release #10.SPA3

ALPA Hails NMB Union Election Rule Change, 4/29/10, Release #10.011

Spirit Pilots Decline Arbitration—Strike Could Result Soon, 5/7/10, Release #10.SPA2

Pilots to Congress: Volcanic Ash Threat Requires More Research, 5/6/10, Release #10.010

Statement by Captain Wendy Morse, Chairman, United Master Executive Council, And Captain Jay Pierce, Chairman, Continental Master Executive Council, Air Line Pilots Association, International, Regarding Announced Merger Between United Airlines And Continental Airlines, 5/3/10, Release #10.UAL-CAL

Evergreen International Airlines Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement with Management, 4/29/10, Release #10.EIA2

ALPA Canada Board President Addresses Safety, Security Concerns with Parliament, 4/27/10

Management Foot-Dragging Forces Piedmont Pilots to Seek Federal Help in Contract Talks, 4/22/10, Release #10.PDT

Statement by Capt. Wendy Morse, Chairman, United MEC, ALPA, Regarding Reports of Reopening of Merger Discussions Between United Airlines And Continental Airlines, 4/15/10, Release #10.UAL2

ALPA Pilots Support Lufthansa Pilots at Demonstration, 4/14/10

Evergreen International Airlines Requests Concessions from Its Pilots, 4/13/10, Release #10.EIA

Statement by Capt. Wendy Morse, Chairman, United MEC, ALPA, Regarding Reports of Merger Discussions Between United Airlines And US Airways, 4/8/10, Release #10.UAL

AirTran Pilots Respond to CEO’s 2009 Compensation Package, 4/2/10, Release #10.ATN3

Nearly 400 Pilots, Flight Attendants Picket Dulles to Protest Outsourcing, 3/29/10

Mesa Air Group Pilots Elect New Leadership, 3/26/10, Release #10.MAG2

Delta Pilots Donate Playroom to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, 3/25/10, Release #10.DAL3

Pilots to ATI Management: End Negotiating Stall Tactics Now, 3/22/10, Release #10.ATI

ALPA Brings Pilots’ Policy Priorities to Wall Street, 3/12/10

ALPA to Congress: Protect U.S. Jobs in International Airline Alliances, 3/11/10

• Air Transat Pilots: Outsourcing Bad for Business, English | Français, Release #10.TSC, 3/9/10

ALPA Voices Adamant Opposition to Cockpit Voice Recorder Monitoring, 3/2/10

ALPA: Ill-Conceived Cockpit Monitoring Legislation Threatens Safety, 2/26/10, Release #10.007

Congress Must Swiftly Pass Comprehensive Bankruptcy Reform Legislation, 2/25/10, Release #10.006

Leadership Training Conference Continues with Advocacy Updates, 2/24/10

ALPA Pilots Join AFL-CIO Rally in Support of TSOs’ Right to Organize, 2/24/10

Pinnacle Pilots Union Backs Pilot’s Invocation of Captain’s Authority, 2/22/10, Release #10.PCL

ALPA Hosts Leadership Training Conference, 2/22/10

ALPA’s SPSC Reaches Across Ocean To Support IFALPA Member Group, 2/22/10

Spirit Pilot Contract Negotiations End: Strike Looms, 2/22/10, Release #10.SPA

Pilots’ Concerns Echoed in Many NTSB Most Wanted Transportation Safety Improvements, 2/19/10, Release #10.005

Delta Pilots’ Union Leader Condemns Department of Transportation Decision on Delta-USAirways Slot Swap, 2/16/10, Release #10.DAL

PBS Frontline’s “Flying Cheap” Underscores Safety Cost of Airline Industry’s Economic Structure, 2/11/10

ALPA Works with Colgan Management to Enhance Safety, 2/11/10

NTSB Colgan 3407 Investigation Report Takes Step Backward in Enhancing Safety, 2/2/10, Release #10.004

ALPA Names 2010 Aviation Safety and Security Priorities, 1/28/10, Release #10.003

AirTran Pilots Help Company Earn Record Profits, 1/27/10, Release #10.ATN

ALPA Commends Nomination of Earl Weener to NTSB, 1/22/10, Release #10.002

Continental Pilots Respond to Release of Continental Airlines’ 2009, Q4 Financial Results, 1/21/10, Release #10.CAL

Pilots: U.S. and Canada Must Shift to Trust-Based Aviation Security, 1/19/10, Release #10.001

First Air Crews Assist Haiti Relief Efforts, 1/15/10

Hawaiian Pilots Endorse New Contract, 1/14/10, Release #10.HAL2

United MEC Holds Press Conference, 1/8/10

Alaska MEC Elects Officers for the Upcoming Term, 1/6/10

Statement by Capt. Jay Pierce, Continental MEC chairman, 1/6/10

Statement by the Mesa Air Group Unit of the Air Line Pilots Association Regarding Today’s MAG Chapter 11 Filing, 1/5/10, Release #10.MAG

Hawaiian Pilots Open Voting on Tentative Contract Agreement, 1/5/10, Release #10.HAL