ALPA’s Training and Human Factors Experts Meet in Denver

February 27, 2009 - A combined ALPA Training Council and Human Factors Working Group (TC/HFWG) meeting was held this week in Denver. It was attended by approximately 30 training committee and human factors representatives from 18 of ALPA’s pilot groups. Additionally, three industry representatives shared their expertise on the pilot training initiatives in which they are involved.

The meeting served as an opportunity for these pilot training and human factors subject matter experts to collaborate on ways to solve issues on each of their respective properties. As well, a number of current pilot-training and human-factors topics were discussed including automation and basic airmanship training, Crew Resource Management, low-experience pilots, Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL) and the Part 121 & 135 Notice of Proposed Rule-Making regarding crewmember training. The TC/HFWG meets twice yearly, with the next meeting planned to be held during Air Safety Week, Aug. 3–6, 2009.