Road Show Summits in Denver

More than 80 ALPA pilots and their families gathered in Denver, Colo. on April 26 to meet with ALPA’s president, Capt. John Prater, in the latest stop on his road show tour of North America.

Prater was joined by United Airlines MEC chairman, Capt. Mark Bathurst, in bringing the latest ALPA news to the audience and taking questions on a range of issues. ALPA’s Strategic Preparedness and Strike Committee chairman, Capt. Mike Donatelli, was also among union leaders in attendance.

ALPA’s president discussed his vision for the union as the airline industry enters a new post-concessionary era. Prater cited pilot fatigue and scheduling as one of the association’s highest priorities. He listened intently to members’ views and concerns on issues ranging from pilots’ access to airports, the pilot retirement age, and foreign control of U.S. airlines.

“I will work for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of professional pilots,” Prater told the crowd, which included pilots from Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, ExpressJet, FedEx, Mesa Airlines, and United Airlines.

With many United Airlines pilots in the room, Bathurst reported on the latest development in the United pilots’ “Fix It Now” campaign. He related that pilot group’s outrage at recently released executive compensation figures.

During the road show, Prater met with the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News to present ALPA’s perspective on issues ranging from air travel this summer to pilot fatigue.

The road show tour moves to Memphis on May 15.