Road Show Tour Hits Dallas

More than 75 ALPA pilots, family members, and staff joined the Association's president, Capt. John Prater, and other national officers at a road show at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on Monday, April 16. The event was the latest in a series across North America at which ALPA leaders have spoken with and listened to the members of the union.

“These events are a great opportunity to connect with ALPA members,” Prater said. “As we take back our profession, we will need the support of as many line pilots as possible.”

Prater was joined by ALPA’s first vice-president, Capt. Paul Rice, vice-president–administration/secretary, Capt. Bill Couette, and executive vice-presidents, Capts. Tom Zerbarini and Kevin Friel. The group shared their collective vision for ALPA and the profession and addressed questions from the attending pilots.

Members who attended the rally came from a host of pilot groups, including American Eagle, ATA, Atlantic Southeast, Delta, Comair, Continental, Northwest, Spirit, and United. A handful of pilots from non-ALPA carriers attended as guests of individual ALPA members.

Prater, Rice, Couette, and the MEC leaders of the American Eagle pilot group followed up with a visit to Eagle crew rooms and hosted a lunch for pilots between flights at the airport’s Friday’s restaurant.

The road show tour moves on to Denver next week.