July 14, 2006

Time Running Out to Stop Foreign Control Change

The U.S. Department of Transportation is sending unmistakable signals that the Department intends to push ahead with its proposal to allow foreign entities to control the commercial aspects of U.S. airlines.

Earlier this week, the DOT resurrected the operational application of Virgin America, which was set up by U.K. citizen Richard Bransonís Virgin Group. The Department has established a procedural schedule for the case, asking for answers to the application to be filed by August 2, even though several interested parties, including ALPA, have argued that the application does not contain adequate information about the formation and control of Virgin America.

 This latest DOT move seems to be yet another sign that the administration is planning to issue its final rule on foreign control in August once Congress has left town.

 Time is running short to halt the DOTís proposed, radical change to the ownership rules of U.S. airlines. Contact your United States senators today and urge them to join their colleagues in the House of Representatives who overwhelmingly voted to kill the DOTís NPRM. An Action Alert is posted on Crewroom.alpa.org.

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