ExpressJet Pilots Ratify Two-Year Contract Extension

November 30 - With a vote of 87 percent for and 12 percent against, ExpressJet Airlines pilots ratified a tentative agreement that extends the amendable date of their current collective bargaining agreement by two years -- until Nov. 30, 2010. The agreement includes yearly pay increases during the extension period that are greater than those in the current contract and adds several key scheduling upgrades that improve pilots’ quality of life.

In addition, a section addressing the company’s new charter operations provides: a significant increase in compensation for both Captains and First Officers, two vacation options depending on whether the pilot wants to maximize time off or pay, work rule changes to address the unique challenges of charter operations, and an implementation and reopening provision that allows the parties to adapt the charter provisions to changes in the operation and to reopen the entire charter section after a year of operation. The effective date of the agreement is Dec. 1, 2006.

The ExpressJet MEC hopes that this agreement is not only an important success for ExpressJet pilots, but a trend that will set valuable patterns for pilot contracts at other regional carriers.