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June 6, 2005

Pilots for America West and US Airways Hold Joint Session

Merger Policy, Transition Process, and Bankruptcy Concerns Highlight Discussions

PHOENIX, AZ -- Leaders for the pilot groups of America West (NYSE: AWA) and US Airways (OTC: UAIRQ), represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), today held a joint session to discuss issues of mutual concern relating to the proposed transaction between the two airlines. The pilot groups received briefings from ALPA staff and advisers on a range of issues, including US Airways’ bankruptcy, transaction details, and merger policy.

The pilot groups explored ways to work together toward each group’s mutual benefit and future. Shared concerns about contract enforcement and enhancements, job security and protections, and pilot seniority were voiced. No discussions took place concerning seniority integration, since this process is governed by the provisions of ALPA Merger Policy.

“The importance of the discussion was to look at alternatives to secure our future,” said James “J.R.” Baker, Master Executive Council (MEC) chairman for the America West pilots union. “Both pilot groups have made sacrifices in the past to help ensure the viability of their respective companies and want to ensure that these sacrifices are recognized by the new management team.”

“During this discussion, the members of both MECs learned how we can turn possible difficulties that may result from a potential merger process into opportunities. I am pleased that we have taken the first steps that will begin the process to align both pilot groups in order to attain our common goals, while at the same time respecting our separate concerns,” said US Airways MEC Chairman Captain Bill Pollock. 

Following the joint session, each MEC met separately to discuss how to use the information presented to best represent the respective pilot groups.

Presently, US Airways has received permission from the Bankruptcy Court to review alternate plans of reorganization proposals for a 30-day period, which will end on July 1, 2005. If no proposals are received by that date, the Merger Agreement and Investment Agreements will be considered the approved proposal without a court action, and US Airways intends to propose a plan of reorganization which implements those agreements.

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