FedEx Pilots and Spouses Gather for Public Unity Demonstration

On Thursday, June 23, nearly 400 FedEx pilots and their spouses came together in Memphis for a public unity demonstration, braving the sun and the 97-degree heat to show their support for ALPA and their Negotiating Committee and to express their frustration with management's inability to seriously address the pilots' issues at the bargaining table. The demonstration was held outside the FedEx Express Air Operations Center.

Holding signs that said "My Negotiating Committee Speaks for Me," "FedEx has Failed to Deliver," and " Work Rules, Scope, Health Care, and Retirement," the four cornerstones of their ongoing negotiations, the demonstrators received countless displays of support from drivers passing by waving and honking horns, including the drivers of several FedEx and U.S. Postal Service trucks.

Participants included several members who jumpseated in specifically to attend, including members from Anchorage, San Diego, Denver, and Lake Tahoe, as well as numerous instructors and students who had simulator sessions later that afternoon. In addition, countless members in training, although they couldn't join the demonstration, showed their support by wearing their uniform in class.

The demonstration clearly showed that the pilots are squarely behind the Negotiating Committee and remain firmly committed to achieving a contract that addresses the pilots' four cornerstone issues of work rules, scope, health care, and retirement. The pilots have been negotiating with FedEx management for their second agreement since March 2004 and have achieved TAs on only 10 of the contract's 31 sections.