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December 2, 2005

Unions Unite At Northwest Airlines

Bloomington, Minn. --- Northwest Airlines' unions are rallying at 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 7 at the Ramada Mall of America (formerly known as the Thunderbird Hotel) in Bloomington, Minn. to demonstrate union solidarity against NWA management's plan to use the bankruptcy courts to outsource jobs from NWA employee groups. 

Members from all six NWA unions will be present. Representatives from the Professional Flight Attendants Association (PFAA), International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers (IAM), Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), Aircraft Technical Support Association (ATSA)/IFPTE Local 150, Northwest Airlines Meteorology Association (NAMA) and Transport Workers Union (TWU) will hear from a variety of union leaders about the importance and necessity of union solidarity in the upcoming months. 

"All of our unions recognize that our company has financial problems. That is why we have already given $750 million in concessions," NWA ALPA Chairman Capt. Mark McClain said. "We want to reach consensual agreements with management, but if management continues to overreach and backs us in a corner then it will be putting Northwest's future in grave jeopardy."

NWA filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Sept. 14, 2005. As a result, NWA is attempting to use the bankruptcy process to obliterate employee contracts. Although NWA management has negotiated new contracts with ATSA, NAMA and TWU, management continues to overreach in its negotiations with its three largest unions. NWA has already eliminated jobs and cut some employees' pay by over 40 percent, and NWA plans to outsource more jobs to foreign countries and drastically cut pay and benefits for those American employees still left with a job. 

“Now, more than ever, all unions must unite and speak with one collective voice to halt Northwest executives’ outrageous scheme to outsource, good, middle-class American jobs,” PFAA President Guy D. Meek said. “PFAA has deep concerns that if Northwest hires foreign nationals that they will not be able to undergo a bona fide ten-year security background check, just as pilots and flight attendants currently do. There is no guarantee that this can be accomplished.”

The bankruptcy court has scheduled the 1113(c) hearing to commence on Jan. 17, 2006. If labor agreements haven't been reached by that time, the bankruptcy judge will rule no later than 30 days from the start of the hearing (i.e., by February 16, 2006) on NWA's request to reject the unions' contracts. 

"Enough is enough," IAM President Bobby De Pace said. "The employees at Northwest Airlines have already made staggering sacrifices to help our company through this difficult time. It is a sad day in America when management is rewarded with seven figure salaries and retirement packages for outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries."

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Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)    ALPA CONTACT: Will Holman, 612-840-7749

International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers (IAM)   

IAM CONTACT: Steve Dunn, 651-336-6637

Professional Flight Attendants Association (PFAA)   

PFAA CONTACT: Guy Meek, 952-292-8642

Aircraft Technical Support Association (ATSA)/IFPTE Local 150   

Northwest Airlines Meteorology Association (NAMA)   

Transport Workers Union (TWU)