Tired of Being Tired? ALPA Focuses on Fatigue 

Member input to be solicited via web survey 

Fatigue, a long-simmering issue for airline pilots, has been pulled up to the front burner as an ALPA priority. ALPA's president, Capt. Duane Woerth, has appointed Capt. Chris Beebe, the Associationís vice-president-finance/treasurer, to chair ALPA's recently created Pilot Fatigue Task Force. The new group hit the ground running by monitoring pilot input at the ALPA Flight Time/Duty Time Seminar held near Dulles International Airport on October 17-18. 

To get a broader perspective on pilot concerns, ALPA will conduct a member survey on the web during December and January. Members will be asked to answer questions about how fatigue affects them and their flying. The Task Force will use the results to evaluate and prioritize solutions that will become part of our efforts next year to address the many aspects of pilot fatigue and how to prevent it. 

Watch for further announcements in FastRead, Crewroom.alpa.org, and Air Line Pilot leading up to the web survey and other ALPA actions regarding fatigue.