2004 News

Statement by the United MEC Regarding Today’s Action by The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, 12/30/04, Release #04.UAL6

ATA Pilots' Union Leadership Ratifies Tentative Agreement on Cost Savings; Forwards to Membership for Approval, 12/29/04, Release #04.ATA

ALPA Member Makes Ultimate Sacrifice for His Country: Mesa pilot remembered as an outstanding aviator, 12/26/04

Delta Pilots Charitable Fund Donates to Children’s Charities Nationwide, 12/20/04, Release #04.DAL3

United Pilot Leaders Accept, Endorse Tentative Agreement with Company, 12/16/04, Release #04.UAL5

Alaska Airlines Pilots and Management Unable to Reach Tentative Agreement, 12/16/04, Release #04.ALA4

FedEx Pilots Spread Holiday Cheer to Special Needs Children and Families, 12/14/04, Release #04.FDX

ALPA’s ASA Pilots to Conduct Informational Picketing, 12/13/04, Release #04.053

ASA ALPA Pilots to Conduct Informational Picketing, 12/10/04, Release #04.052

America West Pilots Respond to Management’s Decision to Cancel Bid for ATA, 12/9/04, Release #04.AWA2

ATA Pilots Blast Management, Lessors re: America West Plan, 12/9/04, Release #04.ATA2

New 2005 Take Flight ALPA Calendar Supports College Scholarships for Children of Fallen or Disabled Pilots, 12/9/04, Release #04.051

Alaska Airlines ALPA Pilots to Conduct Unity/Negotiations Rally on December 14, 12/7/04, Release #04.ALA3

Continental Pilots Respond to Concessions Request, 11/18/04, Release #04.CAL4

ExpressJet Pilots Ratify Contract, 11/18/04, Release #04.XJT

Delta Pilots Ratify Agreement to Provide $5 Billion in Savings, 11/11/04, Release #04.DAL2

Informational Picket Sends Message To Hawaiian Airlines Management, 11/11/04, Release #04.HAL7

ALPA’s American Eagle Pilots Ratify Contract Improvements, 11/8/04, Release #04.047

ALPA’s Northwest Airlines Pilots Ratify Two-Year Contract, 11/05/04, Release #04.NWA3

America West Pilot Honored With ATCA Chairman's Award, 11/02/04, Release #04.AWA

Delta Pilots’ Union Leadership Ratifies Tentative Agreement on Cost Savings; Forwards to Membership for Approval, 11/1/04

ALPA’s Alaska Pilots Respond to Management’s Increase in Concessions, 10/31/04

Statement by the ATA Unit of the Air Line Pilots Association Regarding Today’s ATA Chapter 11 Filing, 10/30/04

Continental Pilots Respond to CEO’s “Concessions” Comments, 10/28/04

US Airways ALPA Pilots Ratify Transformation Plan Agreement, 10/21/04, Release #04.AAA6

Air Transat 236 Report Does Not Single Out Pilots, 10/18/04, Release #04.046

Air Transat 236 Report Confirms Pilots’ Airmanship Saved Flight, 10/18/04, Release #04.045

NWA Pilots’ Elected Reps Endorse Tentative Agreement, 10/16/04, Release #04.NWA3

NWA Captain’s Support for Kerry Visible in Iowa From 20,000 Feet, 10/14/04

Northwest Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement, 10/14/04, Release #04.044

ExpressJet Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement, 10/6/04, Release #04.042

United MEC Statement on United’s “Informational Brief” Regarding Its Pension Plans, 9/23/04, Release #04.UAL4

ALPA Fights Guilford Transportation’s Union-Busting Actions at Pan Am, 9/23/04, Release #04.041

Industry-Wide Coordination Could Reveal Key Airline Safety Issues, 9/23/04, Release #04.040

Negotiations Resume between US Airways Pilots and Management During Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, 9/22/04, Release #04.AAA5

ALPA’s American Eagle Pilot Leaders Announce Tentative Agreement in Negotiations, 9/22/04, Release #04.039

United MEC Statement on United Airlines Bankruptcy Court Hearing, 9/17/04, Release #04.UAL3

ALPA Statement on US Airways Bankruptcy Filing, 9/13/04, Release #04.AAA4

ALPA Ready to Help Build New Pension Model, 9/3/04, Release #04.038

United MEC Statement on Pilot Recall Announcement, 9/2/04, Release #04.UAL2

Transformation Plan Negotiations Break Down between US Airways Pilots and Management, 8/23/04, Release #04.AAA3

American Eagle Pilots' Frustrations Rise, 8/23/04, Release #04.036

ATA Airlines ALPA MEC Chairman Statement on Contractual Relief Talks, 8/19/04, Release #04.035

ALPA General Counsel Henry Weiss Dies at 94, 8/18/04

United’s Request to Extend the Period of Exclusivity, 8/16/04, Release #04.UAL

"Lack of Imagination" Cited in Pilot Pension Threats, 8/13/04, Release #04.034

Gemini Air Cargo ALPA Crewmembers Ratify First Contract, 8/10/04, Release #04.033

United ALPA Statement on Pilot Pension Plans, 8/9/04

ALPA Applauds Arrest in Missile Sting, 8/5/04, Release #04.032

ALPA’s John O’Brien Retires, Keith Hagy Promoted to Safety Director, 7/30/04, Release #04.031

ALPA Opposes Video Imaging in Cockpit, 7/27/04, Release #04.030

Continental Express Pilots to Picket Over the Failure to Reach a New Contract, 7/26/04, Release #04.CAL3

PSA ALPA Pilots Reach Agreement on 70-Seat Jets, 7/26/04, Release #04.029

United's Plans to Study Its Pension Funding Obligations, 7/23/04

Delta Pilots Offer Company Substantial Relief Package, 7/21/04, Release #04.DAL

HAL Pilot Union Praises Court’s Decision to Pay $11 Million Owed to Pilots, 7/16/04, Release #04.HAL6

DHL Ruling: Judge Dismisses Labor Law and Pilot Rights, 7/8/04, Release #04.028

Hawaiian Airlines Pilot Union, Gotbaum File Joint Motion to Pay $11 Million in Back Pay, Pension Owed to Pilots, 7/7/04, Release #04.HAL5

Air Canada Jazz Pilots Representatives Ratify Secondary Concessionary Agreements, 7/7/04, Release #04.027

ATA Airlines Crewmembers Ratify Letters of Agreement, 6/30/04, Release #04.026

DHL Pilots Meet In Washington, DC, 6/29/04, Release #04.025

ATSB Ignores Congress, Sound Economics in Refusing United Airlines Loan Guarantees, 6/28/04, Release #04.024

ATSB’s Rejection of United Airlines’ Application for a Loan Guarantee, 6/28/04

MANPADS briefing by Capt. Stephen Luckey, 6/22/04

ATSB’s Rejection of United Airlines’ Application for a Loan Guarantee, 6/18/04

Government Abandons Security Threat Rule After Legal Challenge By ALPA and Other Airline Unions, 6/18/04, Release #04.023

ALPA Gemini Crewmembers Elect MEC Officers, 6/10/04, Release #04.022

ALPA’s Calm Air Pilots Ratify New Contract, 6/10/04, Release #04.021

ALPA Reaction to NTSB Findings in FedEx Accident, 6/8/04, Release #04.020

DHL Carriers Meet in Wilmington, Jumpseat, Consolidation Issues Top ABX/ASTAR Agenda, 6/4/04, Release #04.019

ALPA Endorses Kerry, 5/25/04, Release #04.017

Aloha Airlines Pilots Rebuke Management’s Outsourcing of Jobs, 5/20/04, Release #04.016

ALPA President Blasts FAA for Back-Tracking on Pilot Rest Rule, 5/13/04, Release #04.015

ALPA Statement on Report of Increased Security on L.A.-Dulles Flight, 5/4/04, Release #04.014

NWA Pilots Offer to Help Company Clear Financial Hurdles, 4/22/04, Release #04.NWA2

ALPA America West Pilots Say Employees Made Profit Possible, 4/21/04, Release #04.013

Alaska Airlines Unit of ALPA Elects New MEC Officers, 4/20/04, Release #04.ALA2

US Airways Pilots’ Union Responds to Announcement of US Airways CEO Change, 4/19/04, Release #04.AAA2

ALPA’s American Eagle Pilots Begin Interim Contract Talks, 4/12/04, Release #04.012

ALPA Reaction to Senate Passage of Pension Funding Equity Act, 4/8/04, Release #04.011

ALPA MANPADS Team Meets to Evaluate Missile Threat and Solutions, 4/6/04, Release #04.010

IFALPA Protests Prosecution of JAL706 Captain, 4/6/04

Hawaiian Airline Pilots Union Supports Committee/Trustee Process as Best, Fairest Way to Settle Bankruptcy Proceedings, 3/29/04, Release #04.HAL4

ALPA Praises DOT Plan to Reduce Air Traffic Congestion, 3/24/04, Release #04.008

Hawaiian Airline Pilots Union Wins Additional Pension Contributions, 3/17/04, Release #04.HAL3

US Airways Unit of Air Line Pilots Association Reelects Officers, 3/17/04, Release #04.AAA

Alaska Airlines Pilots Terminate Mid-Term Contract Discussions; Immediately Begin Regularly Scheduled Negotiations, 3/15/04, Release #04.ALA

NWA Pilots’ Elected Reps Recommend Investment Strategy, 3/14/04, Release #04.NWA

ALPA’s ASA Pilots to File for Mediation Following 18 Months of Negotiations, 3/12/04, Release #04.007

Continental Express Pilots Ramp Up Negotiations, 3/10/04, Release #04.CAL2

ALPA’s ATA Unit Names Negotiators, 3/8/04, Release #04.ATA

Hawaiian Airline Pilots Union Urges Bankruptcy Court to Select Winning Reorganization Offer, 3/5/04, Release #04.HAL2

ALPA Endorses NTSB Findings in Air Midwest Accident, 2/26/04, Release #04.006

ALPA: Any New HAL Business Plan Must Address Pilots’ Needs, 2/11/04, Release #04.HAL

Air Canada Jazz Unit of ALPA Re-Elects Officers, 2/4/04, Release #04.005

ALPA’s Mesaba Pilots Ratify New Contract, 1/30/04, Release #04.MSA

Alaska Airlines Pilots To Resume Mid-Term Contract Negotiations with Management, 1/29/04, Release #04.ALA

ALPA Applauds U.S. Senate Pension Relief Bill, 1/28/04, Release #04.003B

Continental Pilots Acknowledge CEO’s Contributions, 1/16/04, Release #04.CAL

Mesaba Pilots, Management Reach Tentative Deal, Avert Strike, 1/11/04, Release #04.004

Mesaba Pilots Agree to Negotiate Beyond Deadline Without Declaring a Strike, 1/10/04, Release #04.003

Pinnacle Pilots Express Support for Fellow Northwest Airlink Pilots at Mesaba, 1/6/04, Release #04.002

Support Rallies for ALPA’s Mesaba Pilots To Be Held Around the Nation, 1/2/04, Release #04.001