Statement by United MEC Chairman Captain Mark Bathurst
Regarding the ATSB’s Rejection of United Airlines’
Application for a Loan Guarantee

June 28, 2004

Chicago--"We are extremely disappointed that the Air Transportation Stabilization Board failed to live up to its Congressionally directed mandate of helping airlines hit hardest by the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Apparently, members of the ATSB opted to turn their backs on United Airlines, a company that lost two planes, 18 employees and 89 passengers on that tragic day. The ATSB chose to ignore the tremendous personal sacrifice each United pilot and their fellow employees have made over the past 18 months to rebuild this airline.

"The ATSB decision only makes this pilot group more determined to move our Company forward. We are confident in United’s ability to secure private investors to complete the financing of our exit from bankruptcy. We will continue to work with United management in searching for solutions to move United Airlines toward financial health and an eventual exit from bankruptcy. We fully expect that such solutions will be found without the Company again turning to employees who already have provided significant financial relief for this airline."


Dave Kelly   

Captain Herb Hunter   

Captain Steve Derebey