2003 News

Captain Bathurst Begins Term as Chairman of United Pilots Union, 12/31/03, Release #03.UAL

ALPA’s Mesaba Pilots Sue Employer for Mishandling of 401(k) Funds, 12/31/03, Release #03.094

ALPA America West Pilots Ratify Contract, 12/30/03, Release #03.093

Northwest Airlink Pilots Open Additional Strike Centers, 12/26/03, Release #03.092

Jazz Pilots Respond to Air Canada Order for Small Jets from Bombardier and Embraer, 12/19/03, Release #03.091

ALPA Atlas Air Cargo Crewmembers Elect Officers, 12/18/03, Release #03.AAI

Alaska Airlines Pilots End Current Contract Negotiations; Begin Preparations for March 2004 Negotiations, 12/18/03, Release #03.ALA2

FedEx Pilots Spread Holiday Cheer to Special Needs Children and Families, 12/17/03, Release #03.FDX2

ALPA America West Pilots Consider Third Tentative Agreement of the Year, 12/16/03, Release #03.AWA7

US Airways Pilots Call for Removal of Siegel, Cohen, 12/16/03, Release #03.090

Northwest Pilots To Explore Interim Investment Agreement, 12/12/03, Release #03.NWA5

ALPA Gemini Crewmembers Re-Elect Officers, 12/12/03, Release #03.089

Strike Deadline Set for Northwest Airlink Pilots, 12/10/03 03.088

HAL Pilots Express Outrage Over Executive Bonus Plans and Perks, 12/9/03, Release #03.HAL2

Mesaba Pilots Decline Arbitration, 12/8/03, Release #03.087

ALPA Responds to Alleged Pipe Bomb in Woman’s Carry-On Baggage, 12/8/03, Release #03.086

Binding Arbitration Offered to Settle Mesaba Case, 12/5/03, Release #03.085

Atlantic Coast Pilots Ready to Fight Hostile Takeover, 12/5/03, Release #03.084

Continental Pilots Get ‘Interest Arbitration’ Over B-757-300, 12/4/03, Release #03.CAL

ALPA America West Pilots Vote Down Tentative Agreement, 12/2/03, Release #03.083

Northwest Airlink Pilots Open Strike Operations Center, 12/1/03, Release #03.082

ALPA Gets FAA Interpretation Creating Pilot "Do Not Call" List, 11/21/03, Release #03.081

ALPA Denounces Effort to Gut Pension Bill, 11/19/03, Release #03.080

Atlantic Coast Pilots Overwhelmingly Approve Changes To Contract; Pave Way For New Low-Cost Independent Airline, 11/10/03, Release #03.079

Alaska Airlines Pilots Enter Into Mid-Term Contract Negotiations with Management, 11/4/03, Release #03.ALA

Midway Airlines ALPA Unit Disappointed by Management’s Request to Liquidate, 10/30/03, Release #03.078

Northwest Airlink May Suffer Pilot Strike, Work Stoppage Would End NWA Service to Over One Hundred Cities, 10/28/03, Release #03.077

ALPA Pilots Slam Transport Minister on Rail Announcement, 10/24/03, Release #03.076

Atlantic Coast Airlines Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement, Applaud Company’s Plan to Launch Independent Carrier, 10/23/03, Release #03.075

Kittyhawk Pilots Association Members Vote to Merge with ALPA; Merger Finalized by ALPA Leadership, 10/21/03, Release #03.074

ALPA, HAL Set Stage for Retirement Discussions, 10/21/03, Release #03.HAL

NWA Pilot Leaders Condemn NWA Management’s Behavior Towards Mesaba Pilots, 10/20/03, Release #03.NWA3

Pilots Union at Northwest Airlines Reelects Officers to Two-Year Terms, 10/16/03, Release #03.NWA2

Continental Pilots Challenge Board Members’ Conflict of Interest, 10/16/03, Release #03.072

America West Airlines Labor Coalition Holds Rally, 10/14/03, Release #03.AWA6

America West Airlines Labor Groups Join In Solidarity, 10/6/03, Release #03.AWA5

Mesaba Airlines Pilots Will Take Strike Vote, 10/10/03, Release #03.073

America West Pilots Conduct Informational Picketing, 10/8/03, Release #03.AWA4

ALPA Polar Crewmembers to Conduct Informational Picketing in Purchase, NY, 10/7/03, Release #03.071

Northwest Airlink Pilots Protest Management Tactics Giving Rise To Lawsuit, 6/6/03, Release #03.046

Northwest Airlink ALPA Pilots Sue Management For Bad Faith Bargaining And Violating Union Rights, 6/3/03, Release #03.045

ALPA Grants Midwest Connect Pilots $2 Million to Fund Strike Preparation and Other Activities to Achieve a Fair Contract, 5/29/03, Release #03.SYX

Air Transat Pilots Reach Tentative Contract Agreement Hours before Strike Deadline, 5/28/03, Release #03.043

Fedex Unit of ALPA Elects Union Officers, 5/16/03, Release #03.FDX

ALPA Asks Canadian Ministers for Relief from Oppressive Taxes and Charges, 5/14/03, Release #03.041

PSA Pilots Favorably Respond to US Airways’ Aircraft Order, 5/13/03, Release #03.040

ALPA Praises Senate Action on Tightening Cargo Security, 5/12/03, Release #03.039

Northwest Pilots Develop Strategy to Secure Northwest's and Northwest Employees’ Long-Term Success, 4/30/03, Release #03.NWA

ALPA’s Air Transat Crewmembers Approve Strike Option to Achieve a Fair Contract, 4/29/03, Release #03.038

American Eagle Pilots Express Outrage Over Concessionary Agreement, 4/28/03, Release #03.037

ALPA’s Northwest Airlink Pilots Picket for a Fair Contract, 4/24/03, Release #03.036

ALPA Chief Blasts American Executive Perks as Hundreds Lose Jobs, 4/18/03, Release #03.034

ALPA’s Comair, Atlantic Southeast Airlines Officers Meet, 4/17/03, Release #03.035

ALPA V.P. Elected President of IFALPA, 4/9/03, Release #03.033

ALPA Jazz Pilots to Discuss "New Model" for Air Canada in House Hearing, 4/2/03, Release #03.032

American Eagle Pilots Retain Bankruptcy Attorney, 3/31/03, Release #03.030

ALPA Pilots Continue to Press Canada Government for Relief from Oppressive Airline Taxes, 3/31/03, Release #03.029

Midwest Connect ALPA Pilots Dismayed by Failure to Achieve a New Pilot Agreement, 3/28/03, Release #03.027

ALPA’s DHL Pilots Express Concern Over Statements Regarding the Airborne Purchase, 3/27/03, Release #03.028

ALPA Chief Blasts Airline Executive Perks as Thousands Lose Jobs, 3/27/03, Release #03.026

ALPA Places Ad to Honor Military Service of Airline Pilots and Call for Action to Save Their Jobs, 3/25/03, Release #03.025

ALPA America West Pilots Vote Down Tentative Agreement, 3/18/03, Release #03.024

Mesa Pilots Protect Jobs with Contract Ratification, 3/18/03, Release #03.023

ALPA Applauds Senate Action on Arming Cargo Pilots, 3/13/03, Release #03.022

Atlas Crewmembers Respond to Management Change, 3/7/03, Release #03.020

DHL Pilots Elect New Union Officers for ALPA Master Executive Council, 3/7/03, Release #03.019

Hawaiian Pilots Ratify Concessionary Agreement Worth $8 Million, 3/6/03,  03.018

Alaska Airlines Unit of ALPA Elects New MEC Officer, 3/4/03, Release #03.017

Hawaiian Pilots To Vote On Contract Modifications That Give Their Airline More Flexibility To Grow and Prosper, 2/26/03, Release #03.016

ALPA Critical of TSA Rule for Pilots Carrying Firearms, 2/26/03, Release #03.015

Spirit Pilots Ratify Four-Year Agreement, Secure Gains in Wages and Working Conditions, 2/24/03, Release #03.014

Piedmont Unions Answer US Airways Call for Concessions, 2/24/03, Release #03.013

ALPA Defends US Airways Pilots’ Earned Pension Benefits in Court, 2/21/03, Release #03.012

Air Transat Cockpit Crewmembers File for Conciliation, Deploy $2 Million Union Grant to Support Bargaining, 2/21/03, Release #03.011

ALPA Criticizes Serious Deficiency in TSA Firearm Carriage Recommendation, 2/20/03, Release #03.010

ALPA Praises House Bill to Arm Cargo Pilots, 2/13/03, Release #03.009

Delta Pilots’ Union Pleased with Arbitrator’s Decision on Furloughs, 2/13/03, Release #03.008

Delta Pilots’ Union Responds to Statements Regarding Contract, 2/13/03, Release #03.007

ALPA Jazz Pilots Meet With Air Canada Management, 2/12/03, Release #03.006

Spirit Pilots and Management Reach a Tentative Contract Agreement by Proposed Deadline, 1/31/03, Release #03.005

ALPA Pledges $2 Million To Northwest Airlink Pilots As Hope For Contract Settlement Diminishes, 1/30/03, Release #03.004

ALPA Reaction to Rule on Revoking Certificates of 'Security Threats', 1/24/3, Release #03.003

ALPA President to Congress: Intransigent Government Board, Crushing Taxes and Security Costs Strangle Airlines, 1/9/03, Release #03.002

ALPA American Eagle Pilots to Conduct Informational Picketing in San Juan and Miami, 1/8/3, Release #03.001