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Release #01.29
April 3, 2001

ALPA Remains Committed to Pilot Representation, Safety, Advocacy in Canada Despite Air Canada Representation Vote Results

TORONTO, ONT. – Despite its loss in the Air Canada pilots representation vote, the Air Line Pilots Association, International, is pleased about the strong showing of support from the Canadi>n pilot group for continued affiliation with ALPA, and remains absolutely committed to maintaining a strong, long-term presence within Canadian aviation.

The Canadian Industrial Relations Board today announced the results of the representation vote – an election to determine which union, either ALPA, the union representing the pilots of the former Canadi>n Airlines, or the Air Canada Pilots Association, the independent union representing the Air Canada pilots, would represent the pilots in the "new" Air Canada.

"The Canadi>n Airlines ALPA pilot group obviously was hoping for a different outcome from the representation vote," said Capt. Don Paxton, chairman of the Canadi>n pilots’ governing body in ALPA. "However, I am proud that a huge percentage of the Canadi>n pilots participated in the election process, sent in their ballots, and voted for ALPA. Although details are not yet available, pilots appeared to vote down union lines."

Of the 3,504 potential voters, 3,329 pilots cast votes, or 96 percent. Of the qualified voters from both unions, 2,242 voted for ACPA and 1,085 voted for ALPA.

"Although we were hopeful about bringing the two pilot groups together under the ALPA umbrella, the timing of the vote was not opportune," said Capt. Duane Woerth, ALPA president. "The timing of the Canadi>n Airlines and Air Canada pilots’ seniority integration arbitration, several outstanding lawsuits, and other transitional issues proved to be detriments to the Association’s ability to win the vote."

"There is no question about ALPA’s commitment to remaining an active force in the Canadian airline industry, and to building on the foundation the Association has already constructed," Capt. Woerth said. "ALPA will continue to actively pursue its long-term goal of uniting all pilots in Canada and the United States. We firmly believe that only one strong union – ALPA – can effectively safeguard and enhance the professional interests of pilots on the home fronts and in the world arena in our ever-globalizing industry."

ALPA represents 59,000 airline pilots at 49 airlines in the U.S. and Canada. Its Web site is http://cf.alpa.org.

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