August 12, 2021

New KCM Rules Effective August 30, 2021

New Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules for the Known Crewmember (KCM) program will be implemented beginning August 30, 2021. The rules will be published on the KCM website and in the ALPA app and include the following changes:

  • A maximum of 30 days will be established for keeping crewmembers in KCM who are absent from flying for disability, Family Medical Leave Act, military deployment, voluntary leave of absence, furlough, suspension, termination, retirement, or other reasons. The current rules permit these KCM use extensions but do not have a set duration.
  • KCM will no longer be allowed for use in connection with flights associated with any personal international travel. Previously, TSA permitted KCM use for screening for a domestic leg(s) of an itinerary prior to a flight from the United States to a foreign destination.
  • A temporary provision permitting nonuniformed crewmembers to travel with large quantities of liquid disinfectant products is being terminated.
  • A clarification has been made to permit pilots in training to use KCM if they are authorized to fly the line and have been through their airline’s security training.
  • The definition of authorized crewmembers who may use KCM has been clarified and improved to preclude any others from using it.

KCM is a joint initiative between ALPA, Airlines for America, and TSA. For additional information, please contact ALPA’s Engineering & Air Safety Department at or 800-424-2470.