Security Training Course (STC)

Course Content

The Security Training Course (STC) is a Basic Training Program designed for MEC security representatives. Its purpose is two-fold; to provide an introduction to ALPA policies and protocols and to give guidance on how to serve as an MEC security representative. This course offers a great opportunity for MEC Security Committee representatives to better serve the security needs of the membership. It will provide attendees with a methodology for handling security related matters, a working knowledge of ALPA protocols, and a familiarity with the composition of ALPA Aviation Security, its role and activities.

The first day of the STC is spent attending the Basic Safety School (BSS). The second day is a special breakout session specifically dealing with security knowledge and information. Note: If you have already attended BSS you will not be required to attend the first day of BSS. Please inform the Training Coordinator of your previous attendance upon registering for the STC.


Your MEC/CASC budget pays for all of your pilot expenses: travel, lodging, meals, and flight pay loss (if required). This includes no-shows for hotel rooms where reservations have been requested and NOT canceled 48 hours prior to arrival and/or if the attendee fails to notify the hotel, during check-in, of a different departure date than the reserved.