Login FAQ

What do I log in with?

Your member number or ALPA email is used to log into ALPA web sites and applications.

When using your member number you must input all seven digits including the leading zero (if any). Staff can use their 4 digit staff number.

If you have an ALPA.org email address you can also use that.

Your password is the same for both logging in with your member number or your ALPA email address.

Reset your password:
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it with member password reset.

New member or forgot your member number? Retrieve your member number:
New members receive a mailing with your login information. If you don't know your member number you can recover it here or contact Membership Administration at Membership@ALPA.org or 888-FLY-ALPA (888-359-2572) OPTION 3 - 3 (Monday through Friday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. EDT.)  

I'm unable to reset my password online.
Contact Membership at membership@alpa.org, or call 888-359-2572 and press 3 - 3. After you've spoken with Membership, you'll be able to reset your password.

I'm unable to log in, I get a blank page, I don't have access to web boards.
There may be some lingering cookie conflicts from a previous login. If you are experiencing this please try clearing the cache/cookies/temporary internet files of your browser and then restarting the browser and trying again before contacting the ALPA Help Desk.

Can I log in even though I am not a member?
Only authorized members and staff can access the ALPA member website.

Does the ALPA website require any special settings on my browser?
You should have cookies and pop-ups enabled as you browse the ALPA website. Without these settings enabled you may not be able to log in and/or access certain parts of the website.

What can I access using my password and member number?
As a member you can access the following with your Member Number and password:

What is available in all of ALPA's websites?

Get all your MEC/LEC information, details about your ALPA benefits, and take action on ballots, elections, calls to action, and more!