Protect Frontline Aviation Workers and Their Families


As we work to fully understand what the spread of COVID-19 will ultimately mean to us and our industry, one thing is clear—pilots must be partners in the effort to meet this challenge.

On several occasions the prime minister has emphasized that transportation workers, including air crews, are essential to repatriating Canadians from abroad. He also acknowledges their contributions to the economic health of Canada during these difficult and unprecedented times.

Transport Canada is the lead agency for aviation security in Canada. It should be coordinating with the air operators, the Canada Border Service Agency, the Canadian Air Transportation Security Agency, and Canadian airport authorities to ensure that

  1. Proper passenger screening occurs prior to travel; and
  2. Air crew exposure to COVID-19 is minimized by allowing crews to proceed to and from restricted areas of airports, and through customs, as rapidly and as separated from passengers as possible.

Voluntary COVID-19 testing should be made available to air crews who request it at all major Canadian airports with expedited test results made available to the air crew.

Air crews are taking significant personal risks by continuing to report for duty, which puts their families at risk as well. For air crews to continue to contribute as essential transportation workers, we must be protected to the fullest extent possible. We need to adopt best practices immediately and look to other states' regulators who have experience dealing with the virus.

We need to ensure that our safety comes first. 

The government needs to hear from you.

Send a tweet to tell them to support aviation relief that includes protections for front-line aviation employees.