2015 ALPA News

Pilots Hail ICAO Panel Action to Create New Packaging Standards for Lithium Battery Shipments on Aircraft, 5/1/15

Statement on Bipartisan Letter Sent by 262 Members of Congress Expressing Concern over Middle East Airline Subsidies, 4/30/15

House Subcommittee Affirms Strong Bipartisan Opposition to NAI Business Model, 4/29/15

ALPA Urges FAA to Enhance Proposed Rules for Safe UAS Operations, 4/27/15

Sun Country Airlines Pilots Conduct Informational Picket at MSP Airport, 4/24/15

Statement on the Release of Gulf Carriers' Financial Records, 4/21/15

TSB’s Bearskin 311 Investigation Report Highlights Importance of Pilot Training, 4/14/15

ALPA Statement on Germanwings Flight 4U 9525, 3/26/15

ALPA to Congress: Integration of Unmanned Aircraft Must Not Compromise Safety, 3/24/15

ALPA Statement on Germanwings Flight 4U9525, 3/24/15

Joint Statement from Airline Unions on U.S. Travel Association Roundtable, 3/19/15

ALPA President Calls on CEOs of Middle East Carriers to be Transparent, 3/16/15, Release #15.05

ALPA Commends NTSB Confirmations, 3/12/15, Release #15.04

Hundreds of FedEx Pilots Participate in Contract Rally, 3/2/15, Release #FDX15.01

JetBlue Pilots Set to Open Contract Negotiations, 3/2/15, Release #JBU15.01

Sun Country Pilots Grant Union Authority to Call a Strike, 2/25/15, Release #15.01

ALPA: Ex-Im Reauthorization Is Key Opportunity for Reform, 2/23/15, Release #15.03

ALPA to Ex-Im Bank: Turn Down Norwegian’s Financing Request, 2/9/15, Release #15.02

ALPA Statement on NTSB Safety Recommendations, 1/22/15, Release #15.01

Delta Air Lines Pilots' Union Pens Joint Protocol Letter with AeroMexico Pilots, 1/19/15, Release #15.DAL

2014 ALPA News

Envoy Air Pilots Vote to Ratify New Agreement, 12/23/14, Release #14.ENY

FedEx Pilots Spread Holiday Cheer to Special Needs Children and Families, 12/15/14, Release #14.FDX9

ALPA Statement on Sec. 415 of the FY 2015 Spending Bill, 12/10/14, Release #14.97

Delta Pilots Union Elects Leadership, 12/10/14, Release #14.DAL

ALPA to Congress: Safety Must Take Priority for Unmanned Aircraft, 12/10/14, Release #14.96

ALPA Hosts Symposium on Aviation Growth and Stability, 12/9/14, Release #14.95

Bipartisan Group of House Members Again Urge Secretary Foxx to Deny NAI, 11/24/14, Release #14.94

Endeavor Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement with Company to Boost Pilot Retention, Address Economic Concerns, 11/24/14, Release #14.PCL

ALPA to CAPA Summit: Pilots are Ultimate Investors in Building Strong and Competitive Airlines, 11/21/14, Release #14.93

ALPA Congratulates Airbus on A350 XWB Certification, 11/20/14, Release #14.92

ALPA Pilots Touch Down in D.C. for “Deny NAI” Day of Action, 11/19/14, Release #14.91

ALPA to Congress: Ensure Long-term, Sustained Funding for NextGen, 11/18/14, Release #14.90

ALPA Welcomes FAA’s Tougher Icing Standards for Airliners, 11/3/14, Release #14.89

ALPA Names Dr. Elizabeth Robinson as Its New Chief Financial Officer, 10/30/14, Release #14.88

ALPA Canada Board Elects Officers, 10/22/14, Release #14.87

ALPA Elects New National Officer Team, 10/22/14, Release #14.86

ALPA Commends TSA Administrator Pistole’s Commitment to Risk-Based Aviation Security, 10/16/14, Release #14.85

ALPA Statement on Travel Protocols During Ebola Monitoring, 10/16/14, Release #14.84

ALPA Statement on Ebola Outbreak Air Travel Procedures and Screening, 10/9/14, Release #14.83

ALPA Statement on Ebola Heath Concern in Air Transportation, 10/2/14, Release #14.82

NextGen Improves Air Travel Now; Promises Greater Future Benefit, 9/29/14, Release #14.81

Hundreds of FedEx Pilots Participate in Informational Picketing, 9/24/14, Release #14.FDX8

FedEx Pilots to Conduct Informational Picketing, 9/22/14, Release #14.FDX7

ALPA Commends Executive Branch, U.S. House for Upholding Libyan Restrictions on Flight Training, 9/18/14, Release #14.80

ALPA: Continuing Resolution Provides Time to Discuss Reform on Ex-Im Bank Financing, 9/17/14, Release #14.79

Piedmont Pilots Ratify Modifications to Current Agreement, 9/16/14, Release #14.PDT

• ALPA Hails Government Action to Update Canadian Pilot Fatigue Rules, English | Français, 9/15/14, Release #14.78

NTSB’s UPS Flight 1354 Investigation Affirms Need to Safeguard All Airline Pilots from Fatigue, 9/9/14, Release #14.77

ALPA Pilots Commend DOT Rejection of NAI Scheme, 9/2/14, Release #14.76

DOT Has Multiple Legal Paths to Deny NAI; Now Must Act, 8/25/14, Release #14.75

DOT Must Exercise Its Authority to Unilaterally Deny NAI, 8/18/14, Release #14.74

ALPA to DHS: Do Not Lift Libyan Restrictions on Flight Training, 8/14/14, Release #14.73

ALPA Honors Airline Pilot Excellence at 60th Air Safety Forum, 8/7/14, Release #14.72

ALPA Welcomes TSA’s Enhanced Support for Federal Flight Deck Officer Program, 8/7/14, Release #14.71

ALPA Names Miami International Airport ‘Airport of the Year’, 8/6/14, Release #14.70

ALPA Honors First Officer Ali Frohlich with Outstanding Airport Safety Liaison Award, 8/6/14, Release #14.69

ALPA Honors Captain Aaron Fry with ALPA’s Prestigious Presidential Citation, 8/6/14, Release #14.68

ALPA Honors First Officer Steve Jangelis with Prestigious Presidential Citation, 8/6/14, Release #14.67

ALPA Honors Capt. Don Wykoff for Role in Developing New Flight Crew Rest Rules, 8/6/14, Release #14.66

ALPA to Present First Officer Isabelle Caron with Pilot Assistance Award, 8/6/14, Release #14.65

ALPA Honors PSA Airlines Captain Robert Hamilton with Top Security Honor, 8/6/14, Release #14.64

ALPA Presents First Officer Daniel Wright with Superior Airmanship Award, 8/6/14, Release #14.63

ALPA Presents First Officer Kenneth Wasson with Superior Airmanship Award, 8/6/14, Release #14.62

ALPA Presents Captain Edward Bird with Superior Airmanship Award, 8/6/14, Release #14.61

ALPA Presents Delta Air Lines Crew with Superior Airmanship Award, 8/6/14, Release #14.60

ALPA Honors Captain Mike Bender with Air Safety Award, 8/6/14, Release #14.59

ALPA Renews Call for One Level of Safety and Security for All-Cargo Flight Operations, 8/4/14, Release #14.58

FDX ALPA Assists in Introduction of Veterans TRICARE Choice Act, 8/1/14, Release #14.FDX6

New Federal Rule Key Step to Enhance Safety of Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air, 7/31/14, Release #14.57

ALPA: No U.S. Airline Pilot Shortage, 7/31/14, Release #14.56

ALPA Applauds House Actions to Restore Airfare Transparency, 7/28/14, Release #14.55

ALPA Lauds U.S. Senate Confirmation of Mendez and Rogoff as Key DOT Officials, 7/24/14, Release #14.54

ALPA: Air Travel the Safest Mode of Transportation, 7/24/14, Release #14.53

ALPA Supports ICAO’s Leading Malaysia Flight 17 Crash Investigation, 7/21/14, Release #14.52

ALPA Statement on Reported Loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, 7/17/14, Release #14.51

ALPA Applauds Christopher Hart’s Nomination to Chair NTSB, 6/27/14, Release #14.50

ALPA to Congress: Ex-Im Bank’s Financing Threatens U.S. Airline Jobs, 6/25/14, Release #14.49

• ALPA Commends Canadian Government’s Overhaul of Temporary Foreign Worker Program, English | Français, 6/24/14, Release #14.48

• ALPA Congratulates Kathy Fox on Appointment to Chair of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, English | Français, 6/17/14, Release #14.47

JetBlue Pilots and Management Set Interim Agreement on Grievance-Arbitration Procedures, 6/17/14, Release #14.JBU2

ALPA Commends House Support of Federal Flight Deck Officer Program, 6/11/14, Release #14.46

ALPA Lauds U.S. House Action to Block Federal Transportation Funds from Skewing Marketplace against U.S. Airlines, 6/9/14, Release #14.45

ALPA Lauds Value and Progress of NextGen Air Traffic Management System, 6/5/14, Release #14.44

Laser Threat Awareness Campaign Expands Nationwide, 6/3/14, Release #14.43

Known Crewmember Program Continues to Expand with Launch of Landmark 50th Facility, 6/3/14

ALPA Commends GOP Lawmakers’ Call for DOT to Deny NAI, 6/2/14, Release #14.42

U.S. Airlines in “Survival Mode” Against Unfair Foreign Competition, 5/29/14, Release #14.41

ALPA Continues Push for Transparent Airfare Advertisement, 5/22/14, Release #14.40

ALPA Exploring Lowering Dues Rate for 2015, 5/21/14, Release #14.39

FDX Master Executive Council Assists in Introduction of Veterans TRICARE Choice Act, 5/20/14, Release #14.FDX5

ALPA Welcomes Fair Competition from Dreamjet, 5/9/14, Release #14.38

ALPA Statement on the Passing of James Oberstar, 5/3/14, Release #14.37

FAA Administrator Echoes ALPA’s Call for U.S. Leadership in Aviation, 5/2/14

ALPA on Suspension of Foreign Worker Program in Food Services Sector: Available Jobs Must Go to Canadians First, 4/30/14, Release #14.36

Rural Air Service Relies on U.S. Airlines’ Ability to Compete Globally, 4/30/14, Release #14.35

JetBlue Pilots Elect First Leaders Under ALPA Representation, 4/29/14, Release #14.JBU

FDX Master Executive Council Thanks NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman, 4/24/14, Release #14.FDX4

JetBlue Pilots Vote for ALPA by Overwhelming Margin, 4/22/14, Release #14.34

ALPA’s Sean Cassidy Appointed to TSA Aviation Security Advisory Committee, 4/17/14, Release #14.33

ALPA Supports IFALPA’s Call on ICAO to Examine Safety Implications of Norwegian Air Business Model, 4/10/14, Release #14.32

ALPA Concurs with Italian Challenge to Emirates’ Nonstop Milan—New York Route, 4/10/14, Release #14.31

U.S. Airline Workers Need Fair Skies, Not Just Open Skies, 4/10/14, Release #14.30

Richard Harrell Appointed ALPA Information Technology Director, 4/9/14, Release #14.29

ALPA Calls for End to U.S. Funding of Widebody Aircraft for Foreign Competitors, 4/7/14, Release #14.28

ALPA Calls for Industry-Wide Implementation of Existing Aircraft Location Technologies, 4/4/14, Release #14.27

Known Crewmember Program Reaches Milestone with Launch of 40th Facility, 3/31/14, Release #14.26

Global Realities Require Local Action, 3/28/14

American Eagle Pilots Reject Concessionary Contract, 3/28/14, Release #14.EGL2

ALPA Names Cathy St. Denis as New Director of Communications, 3/27/14, Release #14.25

• ALPA: TSB First Air 6560 Investigation Report Identifies Several Deficiencies, English | Français, 3/25/14, Release #14.24

ALPA Concurs with 14-Year Prison Sentence for Laser Attack on Aircraft, 3/10/14, Release #14.23

ALPA: U.S. Open Skies Agreements Must Advance “Fair Skies”, 3/10/14, Release #14.22

Known Crewmember Program Adds Two More Airports, 3/4/14, Release #14.21

GAO Report on Pilot Availability Confirms that It’s All About the Money, 2/28/14, Release #14.20

ALPA: Pilot Shortage is All About the Money, 2/27/14, Release #14.19

ALPA Urges House Homeland Security Committee to Exercise More Oversight and Approval of Future Preclearance Facilities Overseas, 2/26/14, Release #14.18

ALPA Responds to NAI’s Request to DOT for Foreign Air Carrier Permit, 2/21/14, Release #14.17

NTSB Hearings on Crash of UPS 1354 Reinforce Need for One Level of Safety, 2/20/14, Release #14.16

Ireland’s Decision to Grant Norwegian Air International’s Air Operating Certificate Threatens U.S. Airline Jobs, Raises Key Safety Question, 2/12/14, Release #14.15

American Eagle Pilot Leaders Reject Negotiated Agreement, 2/12/14, Release #14.EGL

ALPA Applauds Sleep Apnea Legislation Approval by U.S. House: Calls on Senate to Pass Bipartisan Legislation Swiftly, 2/11/14, Release #14.14

ALPA, FBI, and FAA Launch Laser Threat Awareness Campaign in 12 U.S. Cities, 2/11/14, Release #14.13

ALPA Stands by Its Safety Oversight Concerns with Respect to NAI’s Operating Plan, 2/7/14, Release #14.12

U.S. and European Airline Workers Storm Oslo with Avalanche of Opposition to Norwegian Air International Scheme, 2/5/14, Release #14.11

ALPA Refutes Myth of U.S. Pilot Shortage, 2/7/14, Release #14.10

FedEx MEC Highlights First-Quarter Meeting Initiatives, 2/4/14, Release #14.FDX3

JetBlue Airways Pilots Seek Union Representation by the Air Line Pilots Association, International, 2/3/14, Release #14.09

ALPA Calls on Senate to Increase Oversight of Export-Import Bank, Enforce Directive to Reduce or Eliminate Funding of Wide-Body Aircraft, 1/28/14, Release #14.08

DOT Sides with ALPA, Rejects JAT Application, 1/17/14, Release #14.07

ALPA Priority of Safety Tops NTSB Most Wanted List for 2014, 1/16/14, Release #14.06

Congress Picks Favorites—Chooses State-Owned Foreign Companies Over U.S. Aviation Workforce, 1/14/14, Release #14.05

Known Crewmember Implementation Becomes a Reality at Memphis International Airport, 1/10/14, Release #14.FDX2

Known Crewmember Program Expands to Memphis International Airport, 1/10/14, Release #14.04

New Reason DOT Must Deny Norwegian Air’s Scheme, 1/8/14, Release #14.03

New Flight and Duty Rules Not for All Pilots, 1/8/14, Release #14.FDX

• ALPA Urges Transport Canada to Update Pilot Fatigue Rules to Enhance Safety, English | Français, 1/6/14, Release #14.02

ALPA Supports Safe Skies Act and Same Flight and Duty Rules for All Airline Pilots, 1/3/14, Release #14.01

Archived ALPA News


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