Board of Directors Meeting Concludes with One Goal, One Vision, and One Union

October 14, 2010 - Earlier today, ALPA’s 43rd Board of Directors meeting concluded with the union’s top governing body unanimously adopting resolutions that reaffirm this union as the “premier union to represent the airline piloting profession.” During the four-day meeting, the Board of Directors elected a new slate of officers, worked on the union’s strategic plan, and embodied the message “One Goal, One Vision, One Union.”

Resolved that the Board of Directors affirms that the Air Line Pilots Association, International is, and will continue to be, the premier union to represent the piloting profession and uphold the values and principles and ethics of that profession. The Board of Directors fully supports the direction, plans and priorities of its union which were adopted at the 2010 Board Directors meeting, and it will actively execute those plans and priorities and communicate them to all ALPA pilots. Additionally, the Board of Directors endorses the continuation of the Strategic Planning Process in 2012 and beyond. Our union will aggressively act to ensure that the voices of pilots we represent are heard loud and clear on the issues that affect our profession and our families. We have one goal, one vision, and one union.

ALPA Elects New National Officer Slate

October 13, 2010 - The Board of Directors of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), today elected a new slate of leaders to lead the world’s largest pilots union through the next four years.

The elections took place during ALPA’s 43rd regular biennial Board meeting, during which all of the union’s representatives met to deliberate on union matters and chart a course for the Association’s future.
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ALPA Elects Union’s Canada Board Leaders

October 13, 2010 - The Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), today announced that Capt. Dan Adamus (Jazz Air) has been reelected to serve a third term as the Association’s Canada Board president. He will be joined on the three-member board by Capt. Nick DiCintio (Jazz Air) and Capt. Bradley Small (Air Transat).

The elections took place during ALPA’s 43rd regular biennial Board meeting, during which all of the union’s representatives met to deliberate on union matters and chart a course for the Association’s future.
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Moak Elected to Head World’s Largest Pilots Union

October 13, 2010 - The Board of Directors of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), has elected Capt. Lee Moak, a Delta Air Lines captain, to serve as the union’s 9th president.

“Our union has faced many challenges throughout its long history,” said Capt. Moak. “Our successes have been most evident when we have worked together for the common good. I look forward to working with the many talented ALPA pilots and union staff as we proactively engage with each and every party that has the potential to influence the careers and professional lives of the pilots we represent.”
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ALPA’s 43rd BOD Opens with Officer Reports

October 11, 2010 - The 43rd meeting of the ALPA Board of Directors (BOD) commenced this morning with the theme of One Goal, One Vision, One Union.

Opening with national officer reports, ALPA president Capt. John Prater stressed the ultimate goal for ALPA: advancing the piloting profession. To do so takes planning, flexibility and good decision making—similar to leading a union.

“We must be willing to make quick, bold—but prudent—decisions and take calculated risks based on the best information we have available to us. Most of all, we need to maintain maximum situational awareness in all phases of the operation,” he said.

Prater recounted several of ALPA’s recent highlights in collective bargaining, progress in flight- and duty-time regulations, and efforts to reach the next generation of airline pilots. By working together as a union, these achievements were made, he said.

“Our challenges are far too many and far too diverse to need less than a full crew, which includes our national officers, executive vice-presidents, all of you—our ALPA Board of Directors—with hundreds of volunteers and staff experts,” Prater said.

“As sisters and brothers bound by our commitment to our profession and to our union, we must pledge our solidarity and vow to find the absolute best flight plan to secure our members’ collective future. Now is the time for us to work together to create a strategic plan that will encompass our goals and vision for this union,” he said.

ALPA first vice-president Capt. Paul Rice used a Winston Churchill quote, “Having enemies means you’ve stood up for something sometime in your life,” to symbolize the union’s ongoing fight for the pilot profession. He talked extensively about the Association’s international efforts to engage global stakeholders, unite with other pilot groups, and protect ALPA member interests. He also highlighted contract gains and other ALPA success stories.

“Just like the experience, trusted relationships, and short- and long-term planning that we count on in the cockpit, our union must be able to marshal these assets to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities so that our members here in North America not onlyh aren’t blindsided, they benefit,” said Rice.

ALPA vice-president—administration/secretary Capt. Bill Couette welcomed the BOD attendees, noting, “As we gather for the next couple of days to plan for the road ahead, I would like to talk about the members who will make the goal of advancing our profession possible.”

Couette identified various ALPA members, pilot groups, and committees making a difference to illustrate the union’s successes since the last BOD meeting. He discussed new IT offerings and the extensive work of the Professional Development Group as examples of the Association’s 2008 strategic plan in action.

ALPA vice-president—finance/treasurer Capt. Randy Helling discussed balance and how it describes the distribution of weight in an aircraft, calm and considered judgment, and the equilibrium necessary to manage the Association’s resources and needs.

“As your national officer who is responsible for the Association’s budget, it’s that accounting definition of balance that really comes into play when, as a union, we must deal with the pressing demands of today and plan for our financial future to ensure that we can meet the unknown challenges of tomorrow.”
The BOD broke to begin this session of strategic planning.
ALPA Board of Directors Meeting
October 11-14, 2010
Hollywood, Florida

Capt. Steve Luckey Receives Behncke Award

Capt. Steve Luckey (NWA, ret.) was presented with the David Behncke Lifetime Achievement Award, for his many years of service in advancing ALPA and the pilot profession.

Spirit Pilots Receive ALPA Battle Star Pins

Spirit pilots were awarded their ALPA Battle Star pins in a special presentation during the first day of the Board of Directors meeting.

Panoramic Photo Available for Order

The traditional panoramic photo of the entire Board of Directors delegation was taken at the BOD on Tuesday morning. Visit for pricing and to place an order.

Videos Featured at the BOD:

The Flight Map: the impact ALPA members have on the world each day. Watch
The ALPA Paint Can: the blend of “colors” that form our Union. Watch