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Release #14.FDX2
January 10, 2014

Known Crewmember Implementation Becomes a Reality at Memphis International Airport

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Today, Known Crewmember (KCM) became active at the Memphis International Airport. KCM is an important TSA risk-based security program that allows an alternate method of expedited screening for crewmembers using a real-time database connection to verify employment and background. This frees TSA lanes, giving paying customers better access and shorter wait times while undergoing TSA-mandated screening and freeing up limited TSA assets for the proper screening of travelers. KCM builds upon the fact that airline crewmembers undergo rigorous background screening and the trust placed upon them as aviation professionals.

“With the Memphis Airport being accepted into the KCM program, the hundreds of airline crewmembers transiting the terminal entry will be able to relieve congested passenger screening lines by passing through the Memphis KCM portal.” FDX Master Executive Council Secretary-Treasurer Captain McDonald stated. “The FedEx Corporation was one of the lead stakeholders as a member of Airlines for America (A4A) during the initial startup of KCM, but once it became an active program, FedEx elected to discontinue their participation. This likely delayed KCM for Memphis. It is good to see that turning around with KCM coming to Memphis.” He further commented, “Hopefully FDX will recognize the value Known Crewmember would add to its operations, and once again become a participant in the program.”

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