Overview on Portions of the Proposed FAR Part 117 & Part 121 Flightcrew Member Duty and Rest Requirements

September 29, 2010 - ALPA is pleased that the FAA has released a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) for amending the current flight, duty, and rest regulations. As we all know, an overhaul of the flight and duty regulations is overdue.

Although ALPA experts have been reviewing the rule and receiving feedback from members since the FAA unveiled the NPRM on September 16, the next step in the process is a thorough review of the proposed rules by the Flight Time/Duty Time Committee (FTDT) and ALPA representatives to the FAA’s 2009 Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC). The committee will evaluate how its recommendations during ARC proceedings were captured in regulatory language and compare the NPRM with current ALPA policy. This step will occur during the first week of October, and will conclude with ALPA’s written response to the NPRM, which is due November 15, 2010.