The Pilots of ALPA 2018

The indisputable power of pilots acting in solidarity to promote and advance their careers and profession is more apparent than ever as ALPA’s 59,000-plus members from across the United States and Canada negotiated and ratified new working agreements, advocated for their careers and profession, and promoted the piloting profession to the next generation of aviators.

Last year saw Air Georgian, Encore, and WestJet pilots vote for ALPA representation, expanding and bolstering the Association’s member ranks. New working agreements achieved at Hawaiian, Mesa, and Endeavor together with contract enhancements at CommutAir, Delta, ExpressJet, FedEx Express, United, and Wasaya brought increased gains for Association members.

ALPA pilots promoted pilot- and airline-favorable polices on both Capitol and Parliament Hills and spent time nurturing the next generation of pilots to ensure that the future of the profession remains strong.

And through it all, the pilots of ALPA transported millions of passengers and tons of cargo safely to their destinations, personifying the Association’s motto of “Schedule with Safety” to the world.

Read about each of ALPA’s pilot groups and their challenges and opportunities as they’re trained for life to advance their careers and the airline piloting profession. >>

This article was originally published in the January 2018 issue of Air Line Pilot.

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