My Mentor

The concept of mentoring is prevalent in many careers, and aviation is no different. Many ALPA members can point to a mentor from some time in their lives that helped them along their path to the flight deck. It could be:

  • A friend, family member, or neighbor who first lit the fuse of interest in flying
  • A flight instructor who encouraged you along your way
  • A classmate who showed you the ins and outs of your college program
  • A colleague who took a new employee under their wing
  • A veteran who showed a new captain what it truly means to be “pilot in command”

We're asking members to tell us about their mentor and how they impacted their career and their life. We're asking them to share about knowledge imparted, ongoing support, specific situations where the mentor guided them through, and if they’re “paying it forward” as well.

These “My Mentor” stories celebrate our mentors, colleagues, and friends, and emphasize the importance of reaching out to help others get where we are today. Share the story of your mentor, or read those from your fellow ALPA members.

E-mail submissions to Stories should be 600 or so words; photographs should be high resolution. By submitting your story and photograph, you give ALPA permission to use the material in the magazine, on the blog, on the website, and in other marketing or publicity avenues.