P4P Stands Ready to Assist During Hurricane Season

September is the most active month of the Atlantic hurricane season in the United States. This means that thousands of ALPA members could potentially be impacted by severe weather or catastrophic flooding. When disaster strikes, ALPA’s Pilots for Pilots (P4P) program stands ready to help fellow pilots with immediate financial assistance to anyone who is affected. 

Throughout the year, the P4P program raises funds from ALPA members through voluntary donations and the Amazon Smile program. P4P is a tax-exempt charity organization created solely for ALPA members and their dependents to cover the immediate, extraordinary expenses that follow widespread, catastrophic events, and helps expedite the recovery process, allowing them to return their lives to some semblance of normalcy. 

P4P can help with:

  • Medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Temporary housing not covered by insurance
  • Debris removal from primary residence not covered by insurance
  • Repairs to primary residence not covered by insurance
  • Relocation expenses
  • Transportation or evacuation expenses
  • Replacement of medical equipment, vehicles, or other personal property not covered by insurance
  • Temporary child or elder care
  • Travel expenses including airfare, meals, and lodging
  • Counseling 

Ready to apply? Read the fund guidelines and submit your application. A member of the P4P Board will be in touch shortly. 

Do you want to contribute to the P4P fund? A one-time or recurring donation to P4P will help ALPA members who may face natural disasters in the future. Please donate and encourage your ALPA colleagues to do the same. We’re all just a disaster away from needing P4P.

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