Pilots and Other Aviation Workers Must Be Included in Relief Programs

Government leaders are currently working on a third relief package that may include much-needed support for airlines. It is imperative that swift action be taken to ensure the viability of our industry and that frontline aviation workers are not left behind. ALPA is adamant that any airline relief program must include strong labor protections to ensure that frontline aviation employees and their families receive much-needed assistance.   

Specifically, any relief must—at a minimum—include the following:

  • A guarantee that financial assistance to airlines be dedicated for frontline workers’ pay and benefits;
  • Protections for collective bargaining agreements negotiated in good faith, including a snap back provision to ensure that when airlines return to profitability after this crisis, negotiated contracts will be returned to force;
  • Prohibitions on airlines from taking advantage of bankruptcy to abrogate collective bargaining agreements or have courts force concessions on the workforce without worker input;
  • Protections for furloughed workers; and
  • Prohibition on airlines from utilizing federal assistance for executive compensation or stock buybacks. 

ALPA supports airline relief, including grants, but it must include meaningful conditions to protect workers. Please show your support for pilots and other airline industry workers by sharing this post on social media. Thank you for your support. 

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