ALPA Members Helping Those in Need

ALPA United pilots provide hurricane relief to Puerto Rico.

Capt. Jose Pascual and F/O Mike Hamilton perform preflight duties before piloting today's United Airlines relief flight to San Juan. View more photos.

It’s no surprise that the unfortunate concentration of natural disasters in the past two months has led to a surge in humanitarian efforts by ALPA members. Our pilots are always ready to assist those in desperate need, and they have been out in force in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Relief efforts in the form of first responders, rescue efforts, financial donations, and flying volunteers and supplies to disaster areas have been seen from ALPA pilots who fly for Alaska, Delta, FedEx Express, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, and United—many of whom have recapped their humbling experiences on social media.

One of the most recent efforts occurred today, when a packed flight of more than 300 specialized union volunteers boarded a Boeing 777-300ER out of Newark to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to help with the massive relief and rebuilding efforts there. To date, most of the U.S. territory remains without power, and half of its 3.4 million citizens are without access to clean water.

Operated by a volunteer professional aircrew, the flight brought nurses, doctors, engineers, carpenters, electricians, and truck drivers who will service hospital patients, clear road blockages, deliver emergency supplies, and restore power and communications. Also on board: Food, water, and essential supplies.

This team effort was a collaboration between the AFL-CIO, ALPA, Association of Flight Attendants, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, and United Airlines.

Photos of ALPA's Relief Efforts

Do you want to help? There are many simple ways to give through organizations providing relief to the victims of Harvey, Irma, and Maria. One such fund is ALPA’s Pilots for Pilots, which provides grants to ALPA members who have been directly impacted by these and other natural disasters. Donate now.

Donate today to help hurricane victims:

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