‘We Would Have Been in a Really Bad Mess without P4P and ALPA’

When you donate to the Pilots for Pilots (P4P) Fund, you’re helping your fellow ALPA members and their families. As part of this summer’s 717 Club donation campaign, ALPA reached out to seven of the pilots who have received grants from P4P in the recent past to share their stories. Click here to donate today and make sure the next pilot who needs help gets it. Remember, we’re all just a disaster away from needing P4P.

“Without ALPA and Pilots for Pilots, I wouldn’t have a roof on my house right now.” That simple statement shows again the value that P4P brings to ALPA, its pilots, and their families. F/O Chris Ellsworth (Mesa) only received a glancing blow from a hurricane last year, but it was enough—half his roof was removed and deposited somewhere down the street. “We couldn’t afford to wait on a roofing company and couldn’t pay them what they were asking anyhow,” said Ellsworth. 

“But P4P gave us enough to buy the supplies we needed and we got up there and worked away.... Meanwhile, some people are still getting repairs done. We can’t thank you enough, we would have been in a really bad mess without P4P and ALPA.”

Read Ellsworth’s full story and those all 7 pilots who shared with us.