Hundreds Join ALPA at the White House to Send Clear Message: #DenyNAI

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Today, hundreds of aviation workers from across the country gathered in front of the White House to show our unity and strength in opposition to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) recent tentative approval of Norwegian Air International’s (NAI) petition to fly to the United States, a plan which violates our air transport agreement with the European Union. Alongside labor leaders and aviation workers across the industry, more than 300 ALPA pilots and staff participated in the event to urge the White House and the DOT to honor its commitments and stand up for American workers.

ALPA and others who believe in the integrity of our trade agreements and the future of U.S. aviation have opposed NAI for two years since the airline first filed an application with the DOT for a foreign air carrier permit that would allow it to unfairly compete directly with U.S. airlines on long-haul international routes.

Early on, ALPA raised concerns about this “shell” airline as it was clear that its business plan ignores U.S. trade policy, erodes fair competition, and is a threat to U.S. jobs. As a result, ALPA members and U.S. aviation workers quickly mobilized and launched an aggressive campaign to Deny NAI and with the collective support of industry stakeholders, thousands joined our cause.

Then, to the shock of the tens of thousands of who led the chorus against NAI’s business plan, on April 15, 2016, the DOT announced tentative approval of NAI’s request for a foreign air carrier permit, potentially affecting each and every ALPA member. Once again, ALPA called on our membership to respond in force. Within a few short hours of the DOT’s announcement, 10 Members of Congress put out strong statements in opposition to this decision and, once again, thousands mobilized around this battle.

So far, more than 16,000 ALPA members have participated in our Call to Action. ALPA also swiftly supported legislation, which was introduced in the House recently, as well as congressional sign-on letters. Words mean much, as does the support of our allies, but nothing speaks quite so loudly as the presence of hundreds of ALPA members in uniform today demanding what is right.

In addition to standing united in purpose and presence, ALPA also unleashed a thunderous social media campaign that reached nearly 500,000 people. By harnessing the collective voice of all stakeholders, we sent a loud and clear message that enough is enough. Congressional intent is clear. It is time for the White House and the DOT to honor its commitments and stand up for American workers and Deny NAI once and for all.

We are thankful to all of those from near and far who joined us today in Washington, D.C. This fight is not over and ALPA will not rest until the DOT reverses its decision. If you haven’t added your voice to the fight, there is still time. Visit and join those who are taking a stand for U.S. aviation workers.

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