Working with Parliament Hill to Advance the Airline Piloting Profession in Canada

By Capt. Dan Adamus, ALPA Canada Board President

In yesterday’s federal elections, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada won a decisive victory. On behalf of the ALPA Canada Board, we congratulate Canada’s next prime minister and look forward to working with our new government in furthering our mission as a forceful advocate of the airline piloting profession.

Among our top priorities for this new government is the repeal of several anti-labour laws, including C-377 and C-525, both of which would adversely affect labour unions, including ALPA.

In an April 2015 letter to the Canada Board, Trudeau committed to repealing both bills, saying, “I believe . . . these bills were designed as a direct attack on unions, meant to diminish and weaken the labour movement in our country.”

We urge the Liberals to take swift action on these bills and stand ready to work with the government and other labour unions across Canada to fulfill this commitment and protect Canadian workers’ rights.

ALPA pilots are also committed to improving a number of issues that affect the Canadian aviation sector, and it is more important than ever that the pilot voice be heard. Newly elected officials have a unique opportunity to help create a better business environment and improve the overall state of the industry in Canada.

By working with our elected representatives, we will continue our efforts to advance the safest, most secure, and thriving air transportation system possible and advocate our members’ interests on Parliament Hill.

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