Release #: WEN 23.01
September 05, 2023

WestJet Encore Pilots File Notice to Open Contract Negotiations with Management

Calgary, Alb.—On Sunday, September 3, 2023, the WestJet Encore Master Executive Council (MEC) of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) announced to WestJet Encore management its intention to open contract negotiations on the pilot group’s second collective agreement. 

“Our pilot group leaders and Negotiating Committee have been working hard over the last several months to come in fully prepared on day one of negotiations,” said Capt. Carin Kenny, WestJet Encore MEC chair. “While the MEC remains optimistic that we can negotiate a fair contract with management in a reasonable amount of time, we are only half of the equation.”

Based on clear direction from the pilot group, the ALPA negotiators are steadfast in their commitment to solving three major problems: seniority, career recognition, and career progression.

“While wages and working conditions are a major focus for most labour negotiations, it is crucial for management to understand that without any drastic improvement on career progression, seniority, and career recognition, there is no reason for an Encore pilot to stay,” Kenny continued. “Unfortunately, despite a mass exodus of pilots from our ranks already this year, management has been unwilling to address the main concerns of the Encore pilots or provide a solution we all know would fix their problems and ours.”

With contract talks now set to formally begin, the WestJet Encore pilots will face important decisions during contract negotiations in the coming months. It is time for WestJet Encore management to recognize their pilots worth, value their experience, and provide long-term solutions regarding wages, working conditions, seniority, career recognition, and career progression.

WestJet Encore, the regional carrier for WestJet Airlines and fourth largest operator of the Q400 series, is based on Calgary, flies to nearly 40 destination across Canada, and employs nearly 400 pilots.

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