From 10,000ft Above: Awe-Inspiring Views from the Flight Deck

The Association’s 63,000-plus members routinely travel to the four corners of the world. From the crowded Los Angeles, Calif., air corridor to the sparse tarmac of Resolute Bay Airport serving Resolute, Nunavut, ALPA pilots safely transport passengers and cargo on thousands of flights per day—all while sharing the airspace with commercial space operations and unmanned aircraft systems. They behold Mother Nature’s striking sunsets, ornate cloud formations, and many weather swings; the bustle of airport operations; and so many other awe-inspiring moments. And along the way, they document their unique perspective.

Here we share some of our favorite photos of our members’ best office views as they showcase the grandeur and glory of flight.

Are you an ALPA pilot with a knack for photography? E-mail with your photo, and we may publish it in our next photography issue. All photos must adhere to FARS and CARS.

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