Happy Birthday ALPA!

Since the start of ALPA #onthisday 87 years ago, our motto, “Schedule with Safety,” has been championed by the highly trained and dedicated pilots who make up the world’s largest pilot union. And the network of airline operations in the United States and Canada—both cargo and passenger—has seen a continued growth in safety and professionalism. The last eight years have been the safest in aviation history for North America, and it comes as no surprise that this achievement can be credited in part to the contributions made by ALPA members, volunteers, and staff, who have a passion for keeping our skies safe.

ALPA pilots are “Trained for Life,” and maintaining that high level of training is required as we strive to keep air travel safe amidst the technical improvements and operational changes in our industry. Combined with ALPA’s ongoing advocacy and engagement, we have worked for 87 years to live up to our motto. So please join us as we say: “Happy birthday, ALPA!” And a big thank-you to our 60,000 pilots in the United States and Canada who continue to keep our skies safe for our passengers and crews.

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