Pilots Helping Pilots

When you donate to the Pilots for Pilots (P4P) Fund, you're helping your fellow ALPA members and their families. As part of this summer’s 717 Club donation campaign, ALPA reached out to seven of the pilots who have received grants from P4P in the recent past to share their stories; below is the first. Click here to donate today and make sure the next pilot who needs help gets it. Remember, we're all just a disaster away from needing P4P.

When record-setting flood waters hit southeast Kansas and southwest Missouri, F/O Jay Tarter (PSA) and his family was greatly impacted. Their home became flooded, and while they were unharmed they sustained damage; while having that damage corrected they found black mold. After a conversation with his MEC chairman, Tarter applied to Pilots for Pilots (P4P) for assistance and was approved. While he’s still dealing with the after-effects of the flooding, P4P has provided him some peace of mind. “Our stress level has decreased tremendously and we are very thankful for all the help and support ALPA has provided for our family,” he said. 

Read Tarter’s full story and those all 7 pilots who shared with us.