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Worldwide, one of the biggest threats to the aviation system are atypical employment models, such as the ones being used by Ryanair in several countries in Europe.  Employers—through a variety of schemes—use atypical employment to dissolve their direct relationship with their pilots and cabin crews. These arrangements, which may include misclassifying pilots as self-employed or independent contractors, are meant to undermine the right to collectively bargain and otherwise dismantle the traditional employee-employer relationship related to pay, benefits, and working conditions

Every June 14, the United States celebrates Flag Day, which commemorates the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the country’s official flag. Throughout the years, the flag has been a symbol of freedom, patriotism and exceptionalism. In the aviation industry, it represents the high safety standards we demand here in the United States.

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By ALPA Staff

Aviation representatives from around the world gathered in Las Vegas on April 11–12 for the CAPA Americas Aviation Summit to discuss a myriad of issues affecting the global landscape. Much discussion focused on how the United States can maximize international growth, particularly in Latin America and Asia—areas that are ripe for vast expansion. ALPA was also invited to share our members’ views by participating in panel discussions on current aviation hot topics. 

In a robust discussion on timely international matters, ALPA executive administrator Capt. Rick Dominguez detailed the Association’s concerns surrounding atypical business models, such as flag-of-convenience schemes that threaten North American pilots’ jobs and their airlines’ ability to compete fairly in the global marketplace. The panel also discussed the advantages and pitfalls that would result if airline foreign ownership rules were relaxed. 

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In an opinion piece published on July 6 by the Huffington Post, I made clear that no one knows the pain of bankruptcy better than the professional men and women of the U.S. airline industry.

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In a May 20 speech before the International Aviation Club of Washington, D.C., I affirmed our union’s determined call for North American government leaders and lawmakers to advance the U.S. airline industry and its workers by safeguarding fair competition in the global marketplace and fostering air transportation modernization by passing a clean Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization.

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