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Every year during the holidays, the pilots of Air Wisconsin have taken to the skies to fly their passengers to their destinations, whether a scenic vacation to a remote locale or home with family and friends. They often exchange gifts early in the season because they know they will be on a work trip long before. But sometimes, those presents remain wrapped under the tree until after the holidays.

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Air Wisconsin pilots recently marked two significant milestones:

  1. #FlyingHome to their roots with United Airlines, once again serving passengers in the Midwest via Chicago O’Hare International Airport.
  2. Reaching the seventh anniversary of opening negotiations for a new working agreement.

While the recent capacity purchase agreement with United Airlines marks the continuation of Air Wisconsin flying, which was previously in question,reaching seven years without a new contract brings continued frustration for the hard-working pilots.

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The announcement of a new five-year capacity purchase agreement with United Airlines last February shed some much-needed sunshine on the vitality of Air Wisconsin, the largest privately held regional airline in the United States. We look forward to partnering with the United Express family in the coming months with the many new opportunities this partnership creates for our organization. Our airline has a long and storied history and has flown an amazing variety of aircraft over the years—more than a dozen different types, starting with a single de Havilland Dove in 1965. We’ve flown across almost the whole continental United States during that time, from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic coast.

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