ALPA Guidance

Divorce is never easy for anyone. ALPA is available to help you during this difficult time. While many airlines do not have specific guidance pertaining to divorce, you might want to consider some of the issues that may arise as a result of change in your company status due to divorce. Please reach out to the trained ALPA professionals listed below for support, along with your trusted friends and family members.

Some of the issues pertaining to a divorce may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Leaves and time off
  • Name and address change(s)
  • Emergency contact change
  • Medical and pass benefits
  • Retirement assets
  • Beneficiary changes

ALPA Membership

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Emotional Health

Divorce can be major source of stress that can affect your fitness to fly. Taking time off from work might be necessary depending on the situation. Make sure you seek out friends, family, and professionals for emotional support. ALPA has several resources to help you get through this difficult time, including:

Pilot Peer Support (PPS)

Connects ALPA members with trained pilot peers to talk about any personal or professional problems you may be experiencing. PPS volunteers listen and offer confidential, nonjudgmental support. Speak with a PPS peer about any concerns that may threaten your medical certificate, career, and life. Peers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact PPS.

ALPA Aeromedical

Provides free, confidential consultations with medical professionals to all ALPA members in good standing. Contact ALPA Aeromedical (also known as the Aviation Medicine Advisory Service, or AMAS) at 303-341-4435 Monday through Friday 0830 to 1600 MT or visit the AMAS website.

Family Status Change

Your airline will most likely require you to report the family status change or domestic partnership change within a timely manner. Check with your company for specific rules and regulations for reporting requirements. In many cases, you can update personal information including name, address, phone numbers, emergency contact, and marital status online. You may need to fill out a family status change form (spouse/domestic partner status change).

Beneficiary Changes

Update your beneficiaries with your current family situation, including but not limited to, life insurance, pass privileges, and 401(k).   

Remember: You Are Not Alone

Reach out to trusted pilots, neighbors, family, and friends to seek recommendations. Additionally, ALPA is here to help you through good and bad times. Consider reaching out to your MEC to see if they have more support and/or information on your company-specific rules and regulations.