ALPA Guidance

Death in the immediate family is usually covered in your collective bargaining agreement (CBA) or company pilot benefit book. Normally, you notify your employer (flight manager or Crew Scheduling) of the death of the family member, and then you are released from duty.

Check your CBA or company policy for details; however, “immediate family” normally includes your:

  1. Spouse
  2. Children
  3. Parents
  4. Parents-in-law
  5. Grandparents
  6. Grandchildren
  7. Siblings
  8. Stepparents
  9. Brothers-in-law
  10. Sisters-in-law
  11. Sons-in-law
  12. Daughters-in-law
  13. Grandparents-in-law
  14. Stepparents-in-law
  15. Any wholly dependent relative residing in your household

Your CBA will also have information about pay, including possible bereavement pay, allowing vacation pay to be credited, or use of unpaid time off.

It is possible that the remains of a deceased pilot, pilot’s spouse, pilot’s children, and the pilot’s parents may be shipped at company expense over the lines of the company. Contact your employer for information.

Travel Policy

Many airlines will allow you to travel in emergency priority status. Many airlines also allow emergency non-revenue travel for family members to attend the services. Check with your employer for more information on travel policies.

Other Resources

Pilot Peer Support (PPS)

Connects ALPA members with trained pilot peers to talk about any personal or professional problems you may be experiencing. PPS volunteers listen and offer confidential, nonjudgmental support. Speak with a PPS peer about any concerns that may threaten your medical certificate, career, and life. Peers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact PPS.

ALPA Aeromedical

Provides free, confidential consultations with medical professionals to all ALPA members in good standing. Contact ALPA Aeromedical (also known as the Aviation Medicine Advisory Service, or AMAS) at 303-341-4435 Monday through Friday 0830 to 1600 MT or visit the AMAS website.

Employee Assistance Program

Most companies have an Employee Assistance Program to help you find a mental health provider or grief counselor for your family through the contracted provider.