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Teladoc Medical Experts

Teladoc Medical Experts: Bringing Medical Certainty to ALPA Members

The Teladoc Medical Experts service is a valuable ALPA Canadian membership benefit provided to you with the support of your Canada Board. Whether you need an expert second opinion on a medical diagnosis, are looking for a specialist or community resources, or need advice about a health issue, Teladoc Medical Experts will provide you with the answers you need to confidently move forward with your care, at no additional cost to you.

Call Teladoc Medical Experts to access the following services:

  • Ask the ExpertSM. Sometimes a 15-minute visit with your doctor is not enough time to get all your medical questions answered. Teladoc Medical Experts can provide written answers to your questions from a leading physician. 
  • Expert Medical Opinion: (Previously called InterConsultation) You'll get an expert medical review from one of the world’s most well-respected doctors. Confirm a medical diagnosis and treatment plan. Teladoc Medical Experts will perform an in-depth analysis of your medical records, including imaging scans, X-rays and test results, and provide you with a detailed report that you can share with your treating physician.
  • Find A Doctor: (Previously called FindBestDoc) Find leading Canadian physicians who specialize in your medical condition and are accepting new patients.
  • Care Finder: (Previously called FindBestCare.) Locate an expert physician or treatment facility outside of Canada.
  • Personal Health Navigator: (Previously called Best Doctors 360°.) Obtain medical information or access community resources, get one-on-one support, or customized health coaching about a health-related concern.
  • Medical Records summary. Optain up to three years of your medical history through a secure digital file.

To contact Teladoc Medical Experts, call 1-877-419-2378. When you call, please advise them that you are a member of ALPA, (not an employee of the airline you work for), and provide them with your name and ALPA number. Once Teladoc Medical Experts has confirmed eligibility they will call you back to initiate services. 

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For more information, contact Teladoc Medical Experts:

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