Release #: DAL 23.02
March 01, 2023

Delta Pilots Approve New Contract

ATLANTA, GA—Today, the Delta Master Executive Council (MEC), represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), reported that 78 percent of Delta pilots voted in favor of a new comprehensive working agreement that includes over $7 billion in cumulative increases over four years. The pilots also voted in favor of a Letter of Agreement by 90 percent that provides job protections for Delta pilot jobs against international flying by Delta’s partners. Ninety-six percent of eligible pilots participated in the ballot.

“This industry-leading contract is the direct result of the Delta pilots’ unity and resolve,” said MEC chair Capt. Darren Hartmann. “Despite a two-year delay in negotiations due to COVID, we never lost sight of our goal to obtain significant across-the-board enhancements to our pilot working agreement.” In addition to several highly successful informational picketing events in the spring and summer of 2022, 99 percent of voting pilots approved to authorize a strike, if needed, in October 2022.

The new agreement includes a 34 percent increase in pay raises over the life of the contract, as well as improvements to quality of life, vacations, and benefits for Delta’s 15,000 pilots. “This contract recognizes the Delta pilots’ substantial contribution to our company’s success. We will now focus our efforts on ensuring all provisions are implemented and enforced,” said Capt. Hartmann.

The contract’s effective date is March 2, 2023. It becomes amendable on December 31, 2026.